TLDR: Good components for a great price = Happy enthusiast

This build was a long runner up to my first build on this site.

CPU: I found that the release of the Ryzen 3000 series really set intel in their place and with much consideration from each side settled back on the intel team after the 9600k received such a price drop. The i5 is more powerful than the 3600x and was at the time £20 cheaper, so it was a no brainer. I found my 9600k on overclockers UK and noticed there was an OEM option, as well as the retail edition. This was around £10 cheaper than retail and really stuck it to the AMD opposition. I wasn’t familiar with the OEM parts in the past and found that they’re essentially just the component by themselves and with no other manuals, stickers or coolers. Sometimes they can also come with a year or so less warranty but that didn’t put me off. The i5 never came with a cooler in the first place and so this is what I bought. The i5 when overclocked can show performance similar to that of the 9900k in games and so this is perfect for what I wanted.

GPU: With the release of the AMD navi cards architecture Nvidia also had to watch out. The Super cards release didn’t really have an impact on me as I was already going to buy a card which wasn’t RTX as it was ever something I felt I needed (unless RTX [ON] Minecraft becomes default ). After watching a HardwareCanuks video on the new card, they came to the conclusion that the new super cards are great an all and AMD has good competition, BUT if you could find a Gtx 1080Ti on the used market, it would crush both Nvidia and AMD current offerings with price to performance. Now this got me thinking about the 1080ti, as it performs the same as the 2080 when OC. Steve from GamersNexus constantly comments about how the RTX 2080/ 2080 Super is just a good OC 1080ti and so it’s not really a worthwhile purchase as long as it exists. And Steve is damn right. I found a 1080ti on ebay with minimal usage, no mining and no OC applied to it, perfect. The card was used for 3 months in a work setting used for machine learning applications and neural network training. Now the project had finished it was no longer needed. Thankfully I won the bid and a few days later a pristine 1080ti landed on my door step. The variant of the card I bought was the MSI armour. Now, people hate on this card and say that it is bad due to thermals. This card is described by Steve (from GamersNexus) as being the closest thing to buying the PCB bare as the cooler is really that from a 1070. The PCB on the card is in fact the same one used on the MSI Gaming X variant, a fantastic card. Therefore just changing the cooler on this armour edition would make it an absolute machine of a card. That’s why I decided to install a NZXT kraken g12 and corsair h75 on it. This was my second time applying one of these coolers to a card, my first experience being on a RTX 2080ti. So I felt ok with it and things have never been better. I managed an OC of +130 Mhz on the Core and +600 Mhz on the Memory. The card went from a jet engine to whisper quiet. The only noise from the system is now the pump and water sound at start - up :P. I went Push / Pull on the rad for those temps, plus the case could fit it.

Mobo: This was a regular micro-atx z390 board from amazon bought on prime day for a cheeky £3 off, what a steal. But really it’s a good looking board and the overclocking is stable. The BIOS is industrial compared to an ASUS bios, but it works well. All the XMP profiles worked great, and the clear CMOS was reliable when overclocking went wrong.

RAM: This set of 4x4gb corsair LPX was from a friend for a good price. Good, reliable, low profile memory, and twice the amount in my previous build. 16gb really is useful.

CPU Cooler: This NZXT kraken x52 I bought when I saw it on flash sale for £50. Nothing beats that. The RGB is nice and it cools very well.

PSU: The EVGA G3 750w. Yes, 750w is more than I need for this build. Yes, the modular cables are great. Yes, Its super quiet, never know it’s there. No, nothing beats EVGA.

Case: Fractal design; good company, better design, best case.

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  • 9 months ago
  • 3 points

This is a really good steal on your part. Even on the higher end deal hunting gets you far

  • 9 months ago
  • 2 points

thanks man, it takes a while is all

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build! Just did the same (Kraken G12) after getting the 1080 ti because the case (same case) just couldn't give the card enough air to breathe. Now, all casefans (including radiator fans) runs @ 1k rpm and GPU temp hovers from 42-56c under load. What a time to be alive!

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

glad other think alike!