Boots FreeNAS (2xZFS mirror) off a little Sandisk usb drive, it's a pretty quick box and uses 19W at idle, up to 45W at full tilt. It's impressively responsive for something that's attached via gigabit ethernet. I moved the rear fan to the front for better HDD cooling (2x fans in the front now).

I wanted a G4560 but stupid bitcoin miners made them unavailable. Had to scratch and claw to get this crappy Celeron, actually. But that's OK, my RX480 is making $5 a day to make up for it :D

Used the H170 Pro4 because of the 6xSATA ports and Intel LAN. Bought a cheap B150 bazooka to replace it in the build I pilfered from. Oh, and the audio is excellent, too bad I won't be able to use it anymore.

RAM is actually Crucial ValueRAM. Not listed for some reason.

The PSU is mounted on an adapter plate to fill in the gaps. It mounts fine without it though, I was being a perfectionist. Cables are too short though, so I had to use a SATA extension.

With weekly scrubs, all my cat videos are safe from data corruption now (well, compared to Windows, at least).

**Updated Sep 2017: Added a 10Gb Intel X520 network adapter with a direct copper connection to my desktop. While Windows networking is hugely inefficient, I can still get 450MB/s sustained which is good enough for me! Can occasionally hit 700 but it takes over a full 6600K core and my desktop gets quite stuttery/laggy.

Idle wattage now 25W. Pretty happy with the result and the minimal fuss.**

Part Reviews


Cheap but the G4560 is better value. Was only budget processor available at the time.


Lovely little board. Very efficient and full featured with Intel LAN.


They seem solid and well priced. No faster than the Desktop HDD/Barracudas.


Nice case, the rubber grommets do slide out too easily and a screw-free fan filter system would make it perfect. Quiet, robust and full of room for activities (and 3.5" drives)

Power Supply

Well made and the cables are not too stiff. Quite short though, so I probably should have bought a full ATX PSU.


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Why did you chose those drives over something like the Toshiba x300 series. Same capacity but 7200 rpm, 128mb cache and $50 cheaper? Just a thought....

  • 29 months ago
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Look at the NAS WD Reds for example, they are 5400rpm as well. I think you take the lower rpm for NAS / systembackup reasons due to improved longevity. Dam not sure though.

  • Nice built
  • 29 months ago
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Yeah I'd prefer Reds but they were oddly pricey at the time. Plus the Seagate are a good design (backblaze stats for the desktop HDDs are decent). Definitely go for low RPM drives for low heat and quick spin up times. Cheers!

  • 29 months ago
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I guess if you're running them in a Raid config it makes sense

  • 29 months ago
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Australia, selection is a bit dire compared to US/EU.

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