This build started as a low end (A4-6300, 2gb ram, integrated graphics) thing that in hindsight I'm not really sure why I put together. But somewhere along the line I realized I could put my old unused graphics card, a new CPU, and more memory in it and it would be fairly potent for gaming or as a backup if/when my main PC ***** itself.

ASRock FM2A58M-VG3+ ★★★★☆

Dell Dimension 2400 case ★☆☆☆☆ This thing is horrible. It's cramped, ugly, falling apart, and has enough duct tape on it to stretch to the moon and back. However, its horrible quality allows me to do extremely shoddy mods without feeling bad

Acer AC713 ★★★☆☆ I needed a monitor and this was the only one they had at the local thrift store. It was new and in the original box. The high refresh rates and low response time is nice for FPSs, but is soured by low resolution (I run it at 1152x864, which is the higest resolution it does at >72 Hz) and 4:3. I'm crossing my fingers on finding another 1440x900 LCD for $10 like I did last year.

Part Reviews


This is an amazing CPU for the price point and perfoms pretty admirably in games and in general. I hear a lot lf these over clock well, but I'm leaving mine at 4.1GHz due to the lackluster-for-overclocking motherboard and PSU.

CPU Cooler

This was previously in my main PC, but I put it in this after I replaced it with a CM Hyper 612. It cools decently well, but I am not real fond of the fact that the mounting brackets provided for AMD motherboards only allow it to be installed sideways (the fan facing up or down rather than right or left). I had to drill holes in the side of this case for the side panel to be able to go back on, but I won't blame this cpu cooler for that since the case is from a 13 year old prebuilt.


RAM is RAM, not much to say. Originally just had the one stick, added the other as I was upgrading.


I needed a hard drive and although it wasn't the best GB/$, it was certainly the largest capacity I could get for under $20.

Video Card

This was also sourced from my main PC, sitting around unused after being replaced by an R9 390. it's starting to show its age a bit, but still does pretty well in games.

Power Supply

Before I get complaints about using a low quality PSU that will blow up my PC, I'll say one thing- it'senough. 360W on the 12V sounds pretty anemic, but according to PSU calculators and tests of a very similar system (860K, 270X) I would still have about 50W of headroom at full load. There's also the fact that it was $16 :)

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  • 53 months ago
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This gave me a good laugh. I like the custom case lol

  • 53 months ago
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is that a handle i see on the top of the casing?

  • 53 months ago
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  • 53 months ago
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+1 dude--- your crazy man!

  • 53 months ago
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  • 48 months ago
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+1! also what is that pencil sticking out of the side?

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

I saw this. Excellent fun.

  • 27 months ago
  • 1 point

This is my favorite build XD... +1