This is my latest PC after settling with my employer to split half the cost to increase power and RAM due to CPU heavy tasks with a larger HDD for storage.

I easily OCed the CPU to 4.6Ghz on stock voltage and RAM has no issues running at its advertised speed of 3466 either. It easily crunches work I have to do from home when needed but is a powerful gaming at the same time.

I moved the SSD from my past build and the PSU was on special nearly 50% off on Newegg during winter and I snagged it up.

The only downside is the audio on the Z170X Ultra Gaming that is a step behind the sound from my older MSI Z170 Gaming M5 but the sounds are crisp and well balanced.

The P400 was a nice case but it was a little tight and the AIO couldnt have the pump at the bottom (better positionning to prevent air bubbles over time). The cables with the PSU were pretty short (specially the 8pin EPS) for the lenghth needed for proper management and the placement of the fan headers on the motherboard made for some akward cabling as well.

Part Reviews


More powerful than my previous 6600K and I see a hughe bump in FPS in CPU heavy games like Civ VI as well as my work.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my 6700K at 4.5Hz pretty cool and runs near dead silent.


Nice motherboard but the default fan settings are 100% RPM making the PC loud until manually changed and the sound codec is a step behind the better Z170 and behind by a lot compared to the Z270 ALC 1220 audio codec. Still a nice look premium feeling motherboard though.


Runs fast, had no issues, can be adjusted in lighting effects through Corsair Link software.

Video Card

A pure beats of a graphics card.

It doesnt feel as premium as my previous 980ti Matrix but it runs pretty quiet, reached 2018 on the core clock at default settings and never reached above 74C.

It also offers nice red LED from its fans that adds to my color scheme.

While it doesnt affect performance, PNY has no OCing software of its own so you cannot us presets like some other manufacturers have for OCing.


Nice case, enough space to put your essential parts in. Front cables could be a bit longer though and some cut outs for the 8pin cables for the GPU would have been a welcome addition. default fans are decent though and there is a top dust filter making it more resistant to dust.

Power Supply

I am really thorn here.

The PSU works amazingly well, provides stable and plenty of power. However, the cables are really short (I had trouble putting my 8pin EPS in) and the 24 pin has to be connected by splitting the connectors into 2 rows which is weird and impractical.

It has a really premium feel though and I have yet toeven see the fan pick up at all so far.

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No prices?

  • 33 months ago
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Prices should show up now although not accurate.

Almost all of the parts aside from the motherboard were on special when bought.