Great compact build for gaming, the Corsair Crystal 280X RGB comes with two beauitful LL120 fans displayed on the front panel and the T-Force Delta RGB RAM gives it the nice interior touch of color on the white and black background. The case is small but big enough to hold a single full size GPU. If you plan on building with the Crystal 280X just be ready for some intense wire management, other than that no complaints with the build!

*Note I plan on going from 8GBs of RAM to 16GB, however have not ran into any issues so far.

Part Reviews


Best Budget Gaming CPU on the market.

CPU Cooler

Beautiful RGB, easy installation, and cheap price. CPU sets at a steady 30 degree celcius idle, and 62 degrees celcius under load

Thermal Compound

Thermal Paste


Great micro ATX MOBO, only issue is lack of fan headers, which is going to be common on micro ATX boards when you are used to building on full size boards. used 2 splittlers to connect 4 fans to the 2 slots on the MOBO


Beautiful RGB, memory has given me no trouble.


Windows boots extremely fast


a lot of space for a lower price than most

Video Card

Sleak design, amazing performance. I will be married to this GPU for a while.


One of the most beautiful Micro ATX cases on the market, pretty pricey would be my only complaint, LL120s work great and make you drool just looking at the front panel

Power Supply

Great PSU, has never failed me and I have included it in multiple builds, the cheap price and white/black color scheme are what makes me love the MX-F1

Operating System



Excellent curved 24’ monitor, for a reasonable price. The 4ms response time was the selling point for me on this display.


Logitech continues to impress, I love the RGB. The ability to adjust the PC volume and the brightness of the keyboard is nice as well.


Wireless mice often get a bad rap within the gaming community however, I have used this mouse for a couple years now and I love it. Have not had any issues with delay or latency and the surplus of programmable buttons are great.


I have used these headphones for PC, Xbox & Playstation and I must say that they are very good for their price.


Good sound. Great price.

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  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey, how does that BIOS look for XMP profiles?

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Curios as to why you got a 2200G as well as a GTX, why not get a standard 2200 instead of one with integrated graphics?

  • 8 days ago
  • 1 point

Because there is no standard 2200

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

Where is the PSU located? :D

Also does this Mobo support 1x CPU Fan and 2x Case Fan + 1x Led Strip connectors?

  • 13 months ago
  • 1 point

Its located at the back of the case, out of sight.

[comment deleted by staff]