I use this machine for gaming, streaming, surfing, and BOINC.

Had to republish this since I changed the case.

Part Reviews


I've been fairly pleased with this processor so far. It runs fairly cool, and very stable. In overclocking, it will generate some heat, but I have been able to hit 5.1 stable, so far. I haven't tried higher yet, but I generally run it stable at 5.0 GhZ and 1.28.

CPU Cooler

Not a bad cooler. It does extremely well with stock clocks. With overclocking, the stock fans aren't that great by themselves. I had added 3 more for a push pull and it was a lot better that way, but when I upgraded to the MSI MEG Z390 Godlike I had to drop three fans due to clearance issues. I switched over to 3 Noctua NF-F12 IPPC 3000 fans and it's been fine since then. With that setup I do not see temps above 30.5 on my H150i, and my processors do not clear 75-80 max (depending on the job) while running BOINC.

When gaming, that setup keeps me in the 40's. The stock fans are why it only gets 4 stars, but for someone running a non-OCed build, this cooler would probably be a 5 star for you.


I love this motherboard. I was having some problems on a previous one that I had purchased. I could not seem to get my CPU to overclock to 5.1 reliably. I did a bit of investigation and thought that perhaps the board wasn't able to deliver enough power. I switched over to this board and no problems.


Started off with different ram in here than this one. I was still happy with it, but I wanted to fill in all the slots, plus I had built a media server and needed ram for it. So I upgraded this machine instead. It's nice ram. Doesn't run too hot, and the RGB is a nice touch. Though I have noticed that sometimes the RGB will get out of sync for some reason, but that could be the iCue software.

Video Card

Great card. The support bar doesn't fit it as well as I would think it should, but other than that it's fine. The amount of overclocking it can take is pretty good too. The temperatures stay at a reasonable level (Red Dead Redemption 2 using 97-99% of the card will get up around 54C, and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey runs cooler than that, but uses less of the card), but to help I'm going to reposition the bottom case fan to blow directly into the card.


BIG case, with a lot of room. The 4 glass panels are a nice touch, and make it look really good. I am currently not taking much advantage of the top glass panel, since I have noctua fans on my H150i Pro, and they aren't RGB. I may install an RGB strip up there, for uniformity.

The size of the case is really nice, it's a lot easier installing in a bigger case, and there is plenty of room for everything. A PSU shroud would have been a nice addition, but wasn't 100% necessary for me.

The reason it is only four stars is that it states it can hold an E-ATX of 12"x13". I'm using a 12"x10.5" and the cutouts for the cables are overlapped by the MB. You can get them through, but it isn't easy. I am using individually sleeved CableMod cables. I'm not sure if I would have been able to do it without individually sleeved cables. The thicker, bound, stock cables might have been too thick to get through.

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