Been constantly upgrading my PC since I first built mine in November 2015, to the point where none of the original parts are in my current PC build.

Part Reviews


With a 4.2GHz overclock running stock voltage, it runs really cool and stable. As I'm only gaming at 60Hz 1440p it can run just about every game I throw at it above 60 fps, along with the GTX 1080.

CPU Cooler

Quiet and keeps CPU cool in a 120mm form factor. Maxes around 75C after two hours under max load, and that's with a overclock and only running one fan in the cooler.


Very solid motherboard for the price. Originally had bugs working with audio and randomly shutting off the PC but a BIOS update fixed it.


You pay a premium to have the white color but it does the job well. Have it at 2800MHz so I can keep it at 1.35V over 1.5V.


Very fast SSD. I barely feel a difference between this and a Samsung 850 EVO in real life general use, and saved $30.


Best "budget" SSD you can get. I got it for $165 on Prime Day but they're around $180 now, and has very solid read/write speeds for its price.

Video Card

Overclocks to around 2GHz (+125MHz) and +400MHz memory, very solid performance to the point it's hard to consider it "de-tuned". Runs cool, quiet, and looks awesome.


Costs a lot and while it does look nice, the acrylic window scratches far too easily. Headphone jack also killed itself after a few weeks of light use, and one of the front panel clips broke off during shipping. There are many better cases for the price, but it's all right.

Power Supply

Had to RMA two of these, one for making a horrific squeaking noise at all times while on, and the other for not even powering on. Still makes a weird tick noise when turning PC on and off but it's quiet otherwise.

Case Fan

Quiet fan, does the job well. Bought two to fill the front of my Carbide 400C.

Case Fan

RMAed one because of an intermittent chirping noise and the second one came up with the same noise right after return period ended... doesn't make the noise (much) but it's very annoying when it does and ruins a perfectly quiet build. If it didn't have the problem it would just be a quiet and expensive fan.

Case Accessory

Awesome LED controller. Would be much better without CAM software but no real complaints here.


Best monitor I've bought for the price. 1440p IPS, very great colors, and IMO looks better than a 27" IPS panel. 60Hz (not overclockable at all) and since all of my games run past 60fps anyway G-SYNC/Freesync isn't needed for now.


Really nice keyboard. Had to return one because of a broken brightness button but has great lighting and switches are great as usual.


Have no problems. Syncs with RGB keyboard from Corsair and looks good.


My favorite set of cans for the price. Not much else to say about it.

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