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A build primarily for gaming, secondarily for graphics programming and game development.

Part Reviews


With no overclock, and still performs really well. Maybe I got a bad batch or I messed something up, but mine crosses 80 degrees when stress testing. It's probably just a problem with me since everyone else seems to get 72 degrees running stress test.

CPU Cooler

Very quite, and keeps the CPU at 30 degrees idle and ~70 degrees under load with the quite profile. Corsair Link, the software that you have to use to control the pump and the fans, is terrible though. First two fans' pump died, but Corsair RMA'd both times. Shipping from Canada to US was very expensive and I ended spending a lot of money on this.


Looks really good, except the slick dragon logo gets hidden by the GPU. Enough on board ports for almost anything. The only thing is that the BIOS is overly complicated. It might be more preferable for some people but in my opinion, having that many options makes it hard to find the ones that you actually need.


PC crashed when I tried to overclock it to anything higher that 1600. Expected a bit too much. Had to RMA one of the sticks because every once in a while I would get a BSoD at stock clocks.


Running two of these in RAID 0, ~1 GB/s R/W. No regrets.

Video Card

Well, it's a f**king GTX 980.


This case is one of the cleanest looking one I have ever seen. The color scheme is really slick, and the aluminum body feels sturdy and nice to the touch. Cable management is a bit of a challenge due to the lack of space in the back of the motherboard, but if done right, build looks really clean.


This is the first mechanical keyboard that I have owned, so can't really compare to anything that I have used before. Not really a big fan of brown switches, but the keyboard is really well built, and pretty quite compared to other brown keyboards that I have come across. This is a perfect fit if you are looking for a mechanical keyboard that feels good and is reasonably quite.


A bit heavy for my taste, but after using it for over a year, the mouse proved to be very durable and reliable. Some of the switches get dirty on their sides and is hard to clean but overall could not have asked for a better mouse.


Playing games with the high quality surround sound provided by this headphone adds a lot to immersion.


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