Been awhile since I put together a build so took me a couple hours not to mention the horrible cable management I ended up doing. I do have to give thanks to user:

Jebenena ( For the suggestions

I did make a couple alterations to the build they suggested on my original (parts list opinions needed) post.


I7-6700k Instead of I5-6600k I play games like Arma 3/Cities Skylines/Ark/DCS/Total War was expecting to play BF1 as well and previous games in the series have been quite strong on CPU usage but I regret buying that game now -_-

Corsair H115i Instead of Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO The cooler master was not in stock at any of the Australian sellers I could find, I didn't mind paying the extra for the H115i. In the hot Australian weather the H115i has kept my CPU between 35c-50c while under load without sounding like a jet engine


A second HDD, after putting together the build and loading all my games across I decided a second HDD separate for videos and other things would be the best idea.

An optical drive, I forgot about it till after everything arrived and I had to download the disks onto my external HDD and flash for boot than on to the computer which was just more hassle then it's worth I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

Tobii 4c Head and Eye Tracking, Tried the Track IR hated it bought this and absolutely love it the only problem is compatibility it is limited to very few games but in those games, it is absolutely amazing.

Logitech X52 Pro Flight HOTAS, Was kinda concerned about buying this with all the horrible reviews of its predecessor the Saitek X52. I have had practically zero problems besides the flight stick is sitting not exactly centre after a year of having it but I could adjust that.

I have not overclocked and see little reason to, I'm pumping out 100+ fps in most games maxed out settings.

All components worked well out of the box and all items arrived relatively safe, Windows 10 disk had me going WTF dodgy with the way it was packed; a single A4 piece of cardboard squashed around the disk packet and taped with clear tape then placed in a normal shipping bag >.> (Bought from IJK International Pty Ltd NSW, Australia)

The Case was a massive pain in the arse to get the top off for installing the radiator and fans but once off the long slits allowed for easy adjustment and precise placement where I wanted it to be as opposed to normal screw holes. The HDD drive bays are in my opinion poorly designed to take the drives out or mount new ones you have to do it from the left side of the case where all your cables are but you have to run the SATA cables through to the front of the case which just ends up looking bad I feel the drive bays should be reversed or at the very least have a channel under them where you can run the cables to try to keep them out of sight.

Credit, where credit is due tho the light on the rear io, has been a massive help when plugging my external HDD and work flash drives into the computer.

I expected the EVGA PSU to have the exact cables needed for their own card but that was my mistake for jumping to that conclusion

It requires [two 8 pins to two 8 pins] but the PSU only comes with [two 8 into a 6 plus 2 plus a single 6 halfway along the cable] which just lead to extra clutter when I can I'll probably swap out most of the cables to make cable management and presentation a little neater

Possible future additions/adjustments

Raising the HDD storage up under the optical drive to allow the front fan better flow into the case.

Different cables to allow for cleaner cable management so I won't have so many unused connectors along the cables.

Lights to bring highlight to the interior of the case.

SLI and custom water cooling if performance drops to an unacceptable level within the next year or so (With how high the requirements are for games like Horizon 3 and Gears of War so crossplay games I would not be surprised if upcoming games dipped frame rates under 60)

On a final note is there a less newb way of posting photos on this site?

I have never usually bothered posting completed builds typically I'm always building for other people.

Part Reviews


Runs at reasonable temps even under a decent load and has been more then powerful enough for anything I've needed to do

CPU Cooler

The initial profiles are way loud with little performance increase dropping the fan speed down for quite and performance yielded little increases in temp 1c-2c but a massive decrease in sound.


Easy setup, nice design and easy layout questionable rear io probably just nit picking but I prefer when the USBs are relatively in a grouping but not to much of a concern


Does the job it's made to do. Does anything more need to be said?

Video Card

As to be expected with a EVGA product high performance and good looks.

Power Supply

I wish it had the two 8 pin connectors needed for the EVGA 1080 FTW but other then that it works well and looks nice with any build

Operating System

Upgrade to anniversary really no downside to it, as with my laptop and work computers haven't had a single problem with W10.


The best 1440p monitor around especially for multi monitor setups nice thin bezel and 27"perfect size.


I've loved this keyboard for a long time the feel of the Roamer G switches and the keycaps just goes together so well the wrist rest suits me perfectly my left hand always rests on a keyboard while my right hand hovers over for what I've found to be the fastest way of typing also most comfortable way for gaming.

Lighting just looks so damn good especially with colour wave going

Arx dock is amazing for me especially with work needing me to keep my phone on hand and in clear view while playing


Fit's my hand perfectly feels smooth and precise with movement and no noticeable input delay


Really bass heavy even for standard talking and adjusting doesn't help much other then that a decent set of speakers

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Thanks for mentioning me, very kind of you!

That's a beast of a build! (and it looks awsome) I wish you tons of fun with it :)

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Good point that honestly skipped my mind :'D I'll have to reverse that later today

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