Use this machine as a general use home computer, always running plex server, and will use as security camera blue iris NVR. This thing is incredibly snappy and plowed through makemkv/handbrake encoding my DVD/Blu-ray collection with surprising speed. Plex server is up and running flawlessly. I've got a OTA antenna with a HDHomeRun Quatro (4 tuners - can watch 4 different broadcasts at once) feeding the live tv into plex with the DVR functionality setup to transcode on the fly when recording. Can access OTA broadcasts and my own movie collection (about 300 movies) from anywhere I get a connection on just about any device. For anyone looking to cut the cord, this setup is pretty much awesome. This rig runs this configuration flawlessly. Rig idles at about 28C and the highest I've managed to hit is 71C during stress tests. M.2 drive runs operating system and other programs (that drive is blazing fast for the money, BTW). NAS drives running in RAID 5 houses all photos, home videos, music, movies, DVR recordings, and will serve as NVR storage as well. Should also mention that this case is completely far the best I've ever owned.

Part Reviews


Great bang for buck processor! Rips through everything asked with ease. 6 cores and turbos up to 4.1 GHz.

CPU Cooler

Very happy with this thing so far. Idle at about 28C and only breaks 70C when I run CPU and GPU stress tests simultaneously. Most of the time, under real world use, I never see it get above 65C.


I really like this board a lot! Very easy to use. I don't fully utilize overclocking tools (locked CPU), but auto-overclock of memory and fan controls work great. The board does push FSB to 102.5, which puts the i5 8400 up to 4.1 GHz.


Good, stable memory. Overclocks well. Running DRAM frequency of 1435 (DDR4 -2870)


This thing is awesome! Blazing fast. Not THE fastest M.2 drive out there, but for the money, can't be beat.


So far, these drives are working great. I have 3 of them running in RAID 5. I heard they were noisy, but I haven't found that to be the case. Maybe because of my case (Define R5)?


Awesome case - the best I have ever owned. By far. Quiet, good looking, easy to work with. Overall, just a wonderfully designed case!

Power Supply

Nice clean, stable power. Exactly as advertised.

Optical Drive

Have used it to rip my Bluray/DVD collection so far. Pretty solid. Did have a few discs it refused to read. Maybe one to many uses by the kids on those...

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