First pc I've ever built! I've been using it for gaming. So far I've ran Modern Warfare 2019, Minecraft, Rust, CSGO, Fortnite and Cities Skylines. Haven't had any problems with performance. The only issue I had was I needed to buy a cooler master large argb controller (which they only sell with aio coolers for some reason) to control my fan argb lights with cooler masters software because the motherboard I got doesn't have argb headers. Other then that nothing was to tough other then it taking me a full day to build the pc.

Part Reviews


Very powerful cpu especially for gaming. The stock cooler performance is acceptable but loud and tough to install. The only way I would recommend this over the 3600 is if it was only about $10 more, definitely not worth paying anymore than that for the 3600x over the normal 3600.


Nice motherboard, good value. It's compatible with ryzen 3000 series out of box. Unfortunately this board only has normal rgb headers and no argb headers. Also the lights on the side can't be individually controlled and have very limited contols with mystic light. Some of the pins can bend easily aswell so be careful.


Good RAM. Easy to install. Only issue is one of the lights lags behind the other then jumps to catch up but it only happens with certain effects.


Nice rgb lights but the hue is slightly off from other components. Boots games quick. It can get a bit hot but I haven't had any problems yet. It's almost impossible to install without a magnetic screwdriver so make sure you got one!

Video Card

Amazing card! Runs extremely quiet. Lights are awesome. Couldn't be more happy.


Beautiful case. Fans are amazing. But it has it's flaws. The screw holes aren't lined up perfectly and some of them were stripped or had paint in them. The front glass panel had a scratch so I swithched it with the back one. The power supply area is very small so don't get a big psu with this case, also there's not much room to run cable's under the motherboard.

Power Supply

Nice power supply. Haven't had any issue's.


Amazing monitor. Look's good, performs great!


Great keyboard. Key's are very loud and clicky. Colors look great and are easy to control with razer synopsis.


Great mouse. The buttons are all very responsive and the scroll whell feels good. Light's aren't anything crazy but still look cool.


Not the best sound quality but for the price they work well.

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