First, i should've built this a long time ago. I've been scheming and plotting each individual part for over a year while I've been building up my savings. Every time I think I'm done and it's finalized a new product, prices or knowledge drops and I gotta adjust.

Part Reviews


Originally was going to go with 2400g; decided to pay the extra premium for the newer, faster and more optimized version. Running at stock clock settings and adjusting for a slightly more aggressive fan curve in the BIOS. I've got to say, its heads and shoulders above what I was using before.I downloaded RyzenMaster, but I have no idea how to use it so overclocking is going to be a slow process. I plan to eventually swap the 3400g for a 2700x.


It's cheap. The VRM's and SOC are just what I need. Having 4 RAM slots is nice. The onboard mini-LED's to notify what stage the boot up is at gives some nice peace of mind, especially when doing the initial first test boot. Since I'm new to all this, it's hard for me to tell if I'm doing something wrong or missing a step, or if it's the mobo's own shortcomings that make it hard to update the BIOS version.


It's DDR4. It's 3200. It was $66 on MicroCenter; which was oddly cheaper than its 2400 counterpart. I'm not complaining, I'm not going to question it. Thank you XMP settings.


As someone who used to live on a hard drive for nearly 10 years, booting up faster than you can say it feels so satisfying. It's fast. I love it.


Bought this used off of amazon. I guess I got lucky because the only thing missing from the package were the instructions. Yes, I know ODD's are phasing out, but I still keep it for the option of maybe putting in something like a blueray player. Besides that it just checked all the boxes: tinted glass side panel, front & top ventilation, power supply shroud to hide the birds nest, cable grommets and plenty of mounting options for a ridiculous amount of storage.

Power Supply

Had to get bronze cuz I spent my budget on the finer things in the rest of my build. Next paycheck I'm returning it to get Gold.

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  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

This is like spot on to my original first pc too. may i recommend the aerocool cylon rgb case it has an rgb strip on the front of the case and you can find it for $49.99 on amazon

  • 4 months ago
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I was going to comment on your power supply but I see you've got a plan, definitely go for gold. I'm sure down the line you'll be adding a fine GPU to this beast, I'd recommend RX 570 and up or a GTX 2060 if you are team green. Overall great job!

  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

Originally I was looking into a 580, but lately I've been considering a 5500. At least according to PCPP the ratio of price to clock speed seems to show the 5500 having some of the best bang for the buck.

  • 3 months ago
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Great stuff there.

I'd get a TX550M if you're looking at Gold. Corsair is much more reputable than PowerSpec (I'm pretty sure PowerSpec is a low-end brand), and the TX550M has black cables - that looks much better in a case with tempered glass.

Storage will be perfectly fine. I have a 512GB Sabrent M.2 NVMe, and I've installed multiple games and programs, yet I've still used less than half the storage capacity.

If the 3400G handles your games fine (which it will as long as you don't mind crossing into 720p minimum settings territory on high-end games), don't bother with a GPU yet.

Don't swap the 3400G for a 2700X - swap it for a 3700X or a 3600. It wouldn't make much sense to go down on the generation, unless the 3700X is way more expensive. (I haven't checked prices yet.)

Mind adding more pictures, please?

Otherwise, it's very well though-out and done.