I'm a sucker for the ol' lightshow and rigid in having a MicroATX sized case.

The monitor and keyboard blow me away. Beautiful and with the usability to boot.

Need to upgrade the gpu soon as I've now moved into 1440p/144hz gaming from 1080p/60hz. Lookking at the moment to go for the MSI RTX 2070 super (8ghz).

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

The tube wiring is a little rigid and hard to arrange


Pretty, easy to build on, plenty of fan headers.


What can I say, I'm in love. Pricey, but pretty

Video Card

Old reliable. Still a trooper. Only struggling with AC;Odyssey at the moment. Handles Overwatch with high/medium graphics with 1440p resolution (120 frames roughly)


Ah, it is what it is. Jumped the gun a little. Cooling is not great, when the front panel is on. No vent on the top of the case. Really striking and gives a lovely view of the components, but this is marred slightly by the difficulty for clean cable management. Cheap, however, and fits everything.

Power Supply

Around a year old, give or take. Really quiet and no issues handling the upgrade in parts


So. Damn. Hard. To. Choose. A. Monitor.

Price vs key stats is hard when you upgrade to 144/1440p - especially if you are a little more concerned regarding colour. VA panel, but a lovely sweet spot between IPS and TN. Colours are beautiful and still a 1ms monitor. The curved feel is subtle but apparent. Not always for some, but works for me. A fan of MSI, and I have not been disappointed.


My newest peripheral and by far my favourite (sorry speakers!) Gorgeous RBG and key design. Can be blinding if you look at it from a certain side angle but does not bother me. Switches are akin to brown and are so smooth to use. Kay caps are smaller than usual and i feared the gaps between keys would unbalance by usage but no issues at all. Caps still interchangeable with most keycaps. Truly satisfied.

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