After wanting to do this for over a decade i finally went for it. For some reason the prices in the parts list are a little off. The memory i paid $140 for the 16gb kit...not sure why its listed at $400. Believe i paid around $800 for the whole setup but haven't done the math and don't really care.

The Phanteks case was amazing and easy to work with for a first timer. Plenty or room for cable management and i like the RGB hookup and button that come standard on it. Looks great and Highly recommended especially for $50 case! The build took me a few hours but i took my time and enjoyed the process(..and a few beers). Hope i get a chance to do this again soon for a friend or someone, jealous of the people that get to do this for a living.

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Really good looking case. As a first time builder it was extremely easy to install everything and plenty of room for cable management. The included velcro straps under back case make it super simple. Like the RGB control on top of case that works easily with the phanteks RGB kit.


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Also thought i'd ask this here first. About every other time when i power up it gets to the Asus screen that shows how to access BIOS and freezes there. when i power off and back on it runs fine and has never crashed anywhere else once in windows. Any thoughts?? Thanks

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Might be your motherboard, I'd recommend reporting that to Asus and updating the BIOS. It turns out that the new Ryzen chips don't work well on old BIOS.

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Yeah so far seems that it just needed a bios update, Thanks!

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rear exhaust fan came in case, front two are phanteks -sp120mm