A bit of background, my PCs have never been brand name off-the-shelves; they have always been budget PCs and I always have someone assemble them for me. It always has been that easy if there's a shop near you whom you can say "I want a PC for admin work" and voila... So in a way this is my first build.

Anyway, this time I figured I'd do everything myself. I'd take this one to the new house next month and it'll be in my bedroom, so why not build something better this time, I thought.

I chose miniITX mainly because of size requirement and after browsing around I absolutely loved the look of this Thermaltake case.

I went with the i5-6500 instead of the i3-6100 mainly because of price difference. I read and watched many comparisons and they seem fairly identical in performance (for my purposes anyway) BUT where I am, they are only $5 apart, sooo... When choosing the mobo, availability played a huge factor and the ASRock H110M-ITX was the only reasonably-priced one here. Others were priced roughly 50-70% than US retail prices. And this mobo had good reviews on several website. I had good luck buying cheap 80mm casing fans and LED strips from local store, they work perfect! Also did a custom backplate for the VGA, made of aluminium, took an hour at work.

I managed to find a good deal on the MSI GeForce GTX 1050Ti, was willing to ship it and the fee wasn't a deal-breaker. So I grabbed that and the Evga 500B and have them shipped together. Too bad they won't ship motherboards.

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot building this one. I thought I did a decent job tucking all the wires and cables within the case. But, being my first build let alone a miniITX build, I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I probably ended up paying a bit more than what the partlist says. I bought a micro ATX motherboard thinking "micro" is the smallest. I also bought a CPU cooler that is way too tall for the case. And when I replaced it with the Raijintek Aidos, the first set of RAMs I bought (GeiL Potenza Evo) was too tall and hit the fan. And, I got a good deal on a Radeon RX460 2GB on amazon (again), so there's probably enough stuff for another build. Let's see, my kid probably needs one in her study......

EDIT -- Added a Be Quiet! Pure Wings 2 140mm to replace the front Thermaltake fan. The generic 80mm fans at the back suddenly started making a lot of noise so enough with cheap fans experiment, replaced them with Fractal Design Silent Series R3. Super quiet, both the Be Quiet! and Fractal Designs.

EDIT #2: > Let's see, my kid probably needs one in her study...... Turns out this is going to be THE study room PC. As the new house nears its completion, it becomes clear that there will only be 16" of desk on which I can put a PC in the study room, so only the V1 case can occupy that space. After much consideration, I decided to swap the i3-7100 into this PC, as well as the RX460 2GB which is already here. This PC will be used for primary school work with emphasis on art (video and image editing, but how heavy will that be, right?), as well as light gaming. Tried it, could definitely feel the downgrade from i5-6500 and GTX1050ti. Didn't think it would be that much of a downgrade but knocked down a notch from max settings, I can live with the result.

note: images still with 1050ti installed.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

I see not many people on here uses Raijintek cooler. I don't think this product gets enough credit. It is not expensive to begin with, and it is SUPER quiet. It is running about 2 feet away from my ear and nothing.. it's that quiet.

Build quality could have been better. The fins are a bit thin in my opinion so they bend easily. But can easily be fixed, too.

I had to take out this cooler when swapping the processor and it was a $%&*&$% to do. The fins, again, bent all over the place.


It is what it is, I guess. Got this mainly because this was the only reasonably-priced mobos available locally, others were 50-70% over US MSRPs

Video Card

Can certainly feel the downgrade from Geforce GTX 1050ti 4GB But as long as it does the job......


I LOVE this case. All panels can be taken off which makes it super easy to work with. Tucking cables do not seem to be much of a problem. A big help for a novice builder like me.

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Hello, I am Dr, pcdrdoo this is the information we have collected so far on the PCFlu

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I see you have developed another unknown symptom, creating excuses so satisfy the addiction that is building a computer. The patient used the excuse "Let's see, my kid probably needs one in her study......"

If you find any other symptoms please let me know, I will prescribe you the usual visual therapy of 10 minutes of RGB therapy in satisfying smooth rainbow.

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Yes, Doc, I'll be in touch fairly soon lol

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Good, you might die in 48 hours...

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bit late my dude

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Well this got dark lol

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M3 eh? Car guys unite! +1

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Yup :) Just got my dream car 2 weeks ago and I debadged it (like I did my previous cars) and stick the badge on there

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TOTAL: $666.49

This price is the devil!

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M Power! That alone deserves an upvote.

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Thanks, I bought an i3-7100 for the later build though, but that build will not see heavy use so...