FINALLY, after much saving. endless research, and more YouTube videos than I care to admit watching; I pulled the trigger and put together my first build. Two of my sons (19 and 10) and my 10 year old's classmate helped build while my wife took the pictures. I welcome any constructive criticism and advice. This is meant to be a gaming machine. I play some older games like STO but we also have ESO and Dragon Age: Inquisition with more to come. The next step is to do the stress tests. I'll let you all know how that goes.

Surprisingly, the hardest part was getting the front fans on. No threading and the screws were really tight. I wont even talk about my cable management. I think it's horrible and you should see the back (!!). But remember, it's my first build.

Part Reviews


I was going to go with an AMD FX-8350. In the end, the heat scared me away. I really like this CPU. I haven't overclocked it yet and I'm a little nervous about that but it's working like a champ.

CPU Cooler

Great look and the Corsair Link is so useful. I have all the fans configured to get the best out of them no matter what I'm doing.


Lots of folks frowned on this but it is working fine and the color theme matches. It has some great features too.


Not much to say about this except I'm going to be adding another 8GB as soon as I can.


I LOVE this. I've never used an SSD before. I'm still struggling with what to put on it but I can see that I'll be getting more SSDs in the future.


Old reliable. I've always used Western Digital, never had one die on me. I can't say the same about some others.

Video Card

WOW! My old computer was running an old Radeon HD 5570. I was blown away by the graphics. I noticed that all my games automatically reset to ultra or high settings.


I really wanted the NZXT Phantom 410 but the price on this one was better. I had to get an external optical drive but I REALLY fell in love with the case. It's so easy to build in (as long as you remember to connect your modular PSU cables before you mount the power unit). Very clean lines and a great finished look.

Power Supply

I had a hard time picking the PSU. I knew I wanted modular. Finally, I just looked at what a lot of people were using and the reviews and went with this one. It's working fine so far.

Case Fan

These fans were by FAR the hardest to install. Maybe there was too much plastic in the screw holes. But we got them in and they're not coming out! They lend a nice blue glow to the box too.


I'l never buy a refurbished monitor"... until now. I know it's not the best monitor in the world, but it's in my budget, it's MUCH bigger than the one I had, and everything looks so good on it.


Adequate. I'm still mad because there weren't any instructions. So I had to go online to find out how to program the buttons and all. I'll probably by replacing them soon...any suggestions?


OK, here's where I should have spent a little more. They sound good, but there's a metallic ring in the right speaker when the volume goes up. Guess I'll be replacing these too.

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  • 51 months ago
  • 3 points

Love seeing builds with the r9 390

  • 51 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks, I'm loving the graphics.

  • 51 months ago
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This looks really nice!

  • 51 months ago
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Thank you.

  • 51 months ago
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You're welcome

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

Nothing too fancy, just the necessary.

Tightly set up, great cable management and great color scheme !

That is one fiiiiine looking build

[comment deleted by staff]
  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

LOL! Thank you. I wasn't sure about the PowerColor but it did fit the budget and it's working fantastically. I does get a bit noisy sometimes. but that's the only issue I've had.

[comment deleted by staff]