I was wanting a gaming pc for 2 years. And i never had the budget. But I was able to build this all for only 450$ roughly. I use it for gaming and watching movies. The gpu was bought off of Craigslist for 100$ and this thing works amazingly. The cpu was from my friend which I got for 75$ and the rest was off of amazon.

Part Reviews


Works well. Bought off my friend and works well. Not overclockable but that’s ok since I don’t have a oc capable mobo


Was not expecting a lot. But works well. Only has 2 fan headers but it’s easy to get fnabsplitter cables for 10$. Not oc capable but that’s fine since I don’t have a oc capable cpu.


Comes stock at 2133. Super easy to make 2666. Looks awesome! A bit tall though. So make sure you have enough room in your mobo for your cpu cooler and these


Runs as fast as my friends m.2 version of this. Works amazingly.

Video Card

This runs as well as my friends 2070. Runs pretty cool even when I only had 2 fans in my build. Is incredible. Got off of Craigslist for 100$


Feels like 100$ has one top mount for a 140 mm. Looks and feels supreme. Front blue led stop is a nice touch. And power supply area at the bottom. Doesn’t have room for dual gpu’s tho

Power Supply

Runs just how a psu should. Is pretty quiet

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