Some of these parts, I have had since I started building computers. Others, I bought specifically for this build. I have no major complaints, the cable management for the case is great. If I had one complaint it would probably be how the motherboard has the PCIE power slot in the middle of the board, so I have to stretch a cord all the way in front of everything. Otherwise I have no complaints with any of the components.

Part Reviews


Does everything I ask it to, never had an issue with it. It is only ever maxed out when I render videos through Sony Vegas. However, since I have had two AMD processors die on me in the past, I am sticking to Intel.

CPU Cooler

Simple enough to put in. Keeps the temperatures around 34 C on idle. With the iCUE software, I can set the fans to a speed that are JUST inaudible to me, and keep the CPU cool. The heating vent in my house is louder than this.


Great BIOS, simple where it needs to be. Two complaints. The PCIE power slot is in the middle of the board, so you have to stretch a cord over the front of the whole thing and it looks meh. Other annoyance is the supported RAM, I did not check ahead of time and this board does not support anything faster than 2666.


Never had an issue. A little pricey, if I could go back I would either get something cheaper or with RGB. But these are fast and have caused no issues.


Store some videos on here for recording, got the drive for $10.


This has everything on it. And it has never once had an issue.

Video Card

I have had this since the day I started playing video games. Never once had an issue and I hope it never does.


Great case. Cable management in the back is phenomenal, there's a spot in the back that I just tuck my SSD and extra cords in. LEDs are bright. Might not look like it, but when you leave this on overnight, it'll light up the room.

Power Supply

Never given me an issue. It is what it is.


Great mouse. I put all the weights in and it's very relaxing to use. The extra buttons are great. My only complaint is the two buttons by the left click are not able to set as "Mouse Button #6" or "Mouse Button #7". But you can put in keystrokes for them, so it isn't terrible.


Good headset. They look great on your head, battery lasts plenty long. Only complaint is the bass isn't great and the audio quality doesn't match up with most wired headsets.

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  • 12 months ago
  • 3 points

You should move your graphics card to the top pcie slot. There would be more airflow for the card there. Plus its faster than the lower slots.

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah... you probably want to try to move your GPU card to the top-most x16 PCIe slot. Most boards, the other x16 slots don't have the full x16 bandwidth.

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Next time I shut it down, I will swap it out. Thanks for the advice.

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