This is the first build that I have scrounged the money up to complete. I have been wanting to complete a build for around 3 years now, ever since I have had my old 400 dollar Dell Inspiron laptop that could barely even run chrome. There have been times that I had more than enough money to build this, but I hesitated either due to the mining boom and ended up spending it on other things. It is refreshing to go from integrated graphics 480p low settings to 1080p 75hz, and I can't express how relieving it is to metaphorically "unlock" the other half of my steam inventory. I am sure someone knows how I feel.

Part Reviews


Solid CPU, great entry i5. Turbos just fine, and is relatively cool.

CPU Cooler

Looks much better than the 212 evo, but the mounting is a pain. Not complicated, just hard to do on your own.


Nice entry 9th gen motherboard and the boot screen picture looks very nice and simplistic. MSI's pro series is a very good motherboard series.


Good ram, overclockable, and cheap.


Everything you would expect out of a 1tb hard drive. Kind of noisy only when you turn it on and off.

Video Card

Very good looking overclockable Gigabyte card. It looks so sleek, and it comes with a nice backplate. Although I wish there was a little more in the box than just the GPU and a driver disk.


Solid case, easy to take apart, and most importantly looks nice.

Power Supply

Great basic power supply, no fancy features, and no mustard cables. I wouldn't recommend overclocking with this power supply, I know someone who ruined theirs.


Solid monitor so far, everything you would expect out of AOC. No dead pixels, freesync for all I know works just fine, and looks just fine in almost all setups.

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