Built this as I have been limping along my i5 rig for way too many years. Thought process behind it was to have excellent core components, room to upgrade over next several years, and take advantage of black Friday pricing on components as they became available.

A problem occurred with the final product stability unfortunately. The MSI Meg ACE motherboard and the Corsair Dominator memory do not play nicely together. Spent way to long playing with the memory timings and seem to have it stable. Undergoing long term testing.

Part Reviews


Fantastic processor even with AMDs recent releases. Everyone has their preference on chipset, I find it to be very workable

CPU Cooler

Great for a AIO liquid cooler. Little bit more air in there than I'd like to hear, but keeping temperatures reasonable


Base hardware is solid to this board. BIOS are not where I'd like them to be


Great memory from a design standpoint but hasn't been playing nice on compatibility with mobos I've tried it in. Tweaked timing for stability but not quite where I'd like it to be for the price.


Wonderful M.2 stick. Switching to this is incredibly fun especially when dealing with load screens in game.


Great drive with fast transfers. Broke in nicely, time will tell on long term performance

Video Card

This card is a beast. Huge in the system to be sure, get an aftermarket support arm though rather than the included one.


Looks fantastic, easy to build in with the separated design. Fitting a 280mm radiator on the top can be a bit of a challenge but it can be done. Overall build quality of the case is nice. Included fans are certainly a nice little justification for the case.

Front of case (you know, where the air INTAKE is) incredibly difficult to clean. It's fine to disassemble before you have a card slotted, but after...

The case looks quite pretty with RGB, but it's really not practical. I bought on sale so I feel like it's a wash.

Power Supply

Great PSU, nice on the modular setup. Included cables are a little lackluster, but good enough. If you are going to be doing lots of SATA you may want to consider buying separate cables.


Working very well so far, painless setup.

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  • 2 months ago
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I would simply RMA the memory back to the retailer and buy a kit that is approved on your mobo's QVL. It's less of a hassle. Qualified vendor list is available from MSI's website under 'downloads' section once you narrow the search to your motherboard model number.

  • 2 months ago
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Yeah I hear you. Wasn't crazy about the list they provided. I tweaked things enough on timings that all seems to be well. Thanks for reaching out

  • 2 months ago
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You're welcome, glad things worked out for you. That's a mighty powerful and great looking machine you've built!