Thank you for stopping by for yet another one of my budget builds. I decided to take the month of June to focus on building budget systems that I could turn for a profit. This is my first venture into trying to get into a higher bracket of profit. Usually I start by looking for a prebuilt at my local thrift shop computer store. I typically can purchase older prebuilt that are complete that are rocking second or third gen i5's or the occasional i7 for around 55-89 dollar depending on the system specs. These systems come tested and carry a 30 day warranty. I was making my normal round when I spotted the system that would become the basis for this build

I found this system that was running windows 10 that was rocking a 4th gen I5 and appeared to have been a custom built system. It is very rare that something like that gets put out on the floor so I grabbed it up as fast as I could. Aside from the obvious dent in the original case, everything worked as it should have. The core system came with the following specs. My plan was to case swap the guts from this system into a new case and throw in a GPU for a planned budget of 150 dollars.

-i5 4440 -2X4 GB DDR3 1600 RAM -250GB Seagate 7200 RPM HDD loaded with Windows 10 -cooler master cx 400 PSU -Gigabyte H81M Mobo -Older LG DVD drive.

The first thing I did was to take apart the old system and clean each component. The first thing I noticed when taking apart the system was that the stock intel CPU cooler was bent and not sitting flush against the CPU. I was able to locate a new old stock replacement Intel cooler for three dollars. I cleaned everything up and waited for the new case to arrive. The second issue I ran into was that the new case has a USB 3.0 port on the IO panel and I did not realize the Mobo had a USB 3.0 header. I ordered a 3.0 to 2.0 cable so that the port would function (there are several USB 3.0 ports on the back.) I got all the components into the new case as I watched the local market and Ebay for the graphics card that would bring this beauty to fruition. I was able to snag an auction on a GTX 960 4GB model for 37 dollars plus shipping for a grand total of 54 dollars and some change. The final issue became apparent when I finished rebuilding the system. That issue would be that it appears that one of the RAM slots is dead.

So the issue with the RAM slot put the whole build in jeopardy of being a waste of money. So when I place the system into dual channel, it causes the computer to go into a boot loop. The system will not post, but will power on for about 5 seconds, cut off, and restart for as long as you leave it on. The single channel side of things work great. I tested a dual channel configuration with multiple sticks of RAM and all of the sticks worked in single channel, but any of the sticks in dual channel it would cause the boot issue. I attempted to undervolt the RAM slots and underclocked the RAM and there is no change. So this leaves me in the issue of either leaving the system at 4 GB of RAM or purchasing a single DIMM of 8 GB.

Once the system is back in single channel configuration, the system are runs like a champ! system temps are great. I applied a small overclock to take the system from a base clock of 3.1 GHz to 3.5Ghz with a turbo boost of 3.9 GHz. The core clock on the GPU was 1.127 GHz and I pushed it up to 1.3GHz stable. I am currently updating the system and will push for some benchmarks tomorrow. Does anyone have any Ideas as to how I can repair the Mobo? I am thinking of just buying the 8gb stick and selling as is. The system components are listed out to show what the system consists of and they are included in the 75 dollar price of the custom part added.

Part Reviews


great budget processor for gaming! holds an overclock very well


This board has a good amount of details but one of the RAM slots died so 3 stars


it is pretty fast for a HDD

Video Card

great budget card. finding it in the 4GB ram variant is the better bet for futureproofing this card. It is great for 1080P gaming at medium frames


great budget case for the money. Best 20 dollar case I have worked with. It has plenty of room to work in and it allows for fairly decent flexibility in parts orientation. The HDD mounts are weird.

Power Supply

This was given to me by a coworker and he had it in his build for 3 years.


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Very good title

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Thanks for the post! I still believe this machine can be an awesome budget gaming rig with an 8gig stick of ram, but i had higher hopes for it

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you can try another cpu. there are 2 things that can cause a memory channel to be bad. It can be something defective with the motherboard or it can be a dead memory channel on the cpu itself. I don't know if you have any spare lga1150 cpu's laying around (otherwise it looks like the cheapest celeron to test that is 18 bucks). Is it worth finding out why the one channel is not working? Even if you found out if it was a dead cpu memory channel would you want to spend the money on a new cpu? I don't know if you do plan on doing any other builds but your cheapest out is getting a 8gb stick. If you have another lga 1150 it would be nice to figure out, if you don't its probably not worth the expense for selling. otherwise on ebay they sell New Laptop LGA-1150 LGA 1150 Fake Loading Board Test Card CPU Socket Tester. give that a shot as well maybe. hope this helps.

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update: Sold the pc for 260 dollars. The mobo had a bad lane. I was in the pc for 148 dollars and sold it as is with 4gb

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Case looks like the same Rosewill FBM-01 I just got for my new PC, did you get the right one on the list or did you replace it later?

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I got the exact case listed.

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K, some of the pics were decieving.