I use the game for gaming and occasional video editing. 99% of these parts were gifts. The CPU was from my dad, the motherboard was from my uncle, I paid for the RAM, my dad got me the GPU (Before the whole mining thing, by the way, he didn't actually pay $430 for it.) My dad got me the case, my grand-mom got me the power supply, my dad got me Windows 10. My dad got the monitor free from work, and the keyboard was from my aunt. I purchased the mouse, and my cousin got me the headset. Sadly, since the monitor was used, there was a single dead pixel, but it is a light pink, so it is almost unnoticeable. The mic was from somewhere... I'm not sure where. Also, if you didn't notice, the theme is red and black.

This one is my build by the way. I say this because I will be upload anyone's PC on here if I build it for them or if they are related to me but don't have an account on PC Part Picker.

New things I added: Slight overclock on the GPU and RAM.

Part Reviews


A great CPU for gaming, streaming, and video editing. I'm glad that I went AMD as I built the PC around the time with the kernel bug with Intel.


I mean, its a motherboard. The bios is just like any other bios, and it looks cool.


I went 16 gigs because some games take up more than 8 at a time, and I am glad I did.


A very fast SSD. I can usually load into CS:GO in only 10 seconds.

Video Card

One of the best price to performance cards out there. I love it, and it can stay above 60 fps in all the games I play.


A sleek case, and great cable management is possible with even low effort. This was my first build, and I am getting great first impressions with NZXT!

Power Supply

Really quiet and I have plenty of headroom for future upgrades.

Operating System

Its Windows 10. Thats about it.


I got it used, so there was a dead pixel. Since it was used, I will still give it 5 stars as I assume it didn't come like that.


Great gaming keyboard for starting out, though I wish I would've went with mechanical instead of membrane.


I was originally going to go with the Roccat Kone XTD, but I read about tracking issues and I looked for different options. This was a good looking mouse from the reviews, but the reason I will give it 4 stars is that without the weight, it is too light, and with the weight, it is slightly too heavy.


Amazing headphones with crisp sound quality, especially for the price!

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