Goal: Full chassis upgrade. So all other parts mentioned are pre-existing. More on that later.

Result: Enjoyed this quick build just before Thanksgiving 2019. Planning to dive in to Red Dead Redemption 2, the upcoming Cyperpunk 2077 and other games.

I was all set to pull the trigger on a 5700 XT gpu, but then I remembered my monitor was G-sync for 144 Hz. So I compromised with a 2070 Super. Same bandwidth for more money, Ouch! Hoping future protocols can eventually be manufacturer agnostic. I hate getting tied into a proprietary hardware brand.

And never forget to try the little stuff first when diagnosing issues. I had an annoying in game keyboard lag only when XMP was enabled in bios. I verified RAM was on the QVL list for the mobo, and started plans to swap boards, up voltage or downgrade speed, but then why not plug in another keyboard and see whats up? It turnout to be the freebie dell keyboard I was using. Couldn't handle the USB interrupts I guess. So with HP keyboard currently working adequately, I guess it's time to go keyboard shopping.

LED colors are a work in progress.

Part Reviews


Powerhouse CPU without totally breaking the budget. Stock cooler is purty!


Let's face it. For the budget I had this one just seemed like a more positively reviewed motherboard than others with the same features. I was aiming for future proof. So far the motherboard has performed well in terms of performance in gaming, but it is probably best for those with a least a tiny bit of experience with building PCs. Had a few quirks with reboots and lagging, turned out it was just the crappy dell keyboard I had been using. New PC doesn't support my longer USB cable runs like it's predecessor build here:

LOVE the little PC I/O bracket that combines all LEDS and buttons into one group. Hoping we can get that standardized across the industry eventually as well.

I do think it could use another USB 2.0 header. Two units runs out quick without an adapter tucked away somewhere.


Trippy colors options, definitely above average spec ram. While not perfect but the LED settings have a large amount of options available. Great for "precise" adjustments of settings, however lots of science and no art could make it frustrating to find an setting that looks pleasing. Whatever your box theme's could be may have different mileage.

Video Card

Big boy of a 3 SLOT card! I/O Slot/Shield and cooler width! This limits Vertical mounting of the GPU because it's a pretty long boy as well. It sits right on top of my motherboards active chipset cooler. I believe there is possibility of buying a 2 slot I/O shield replacement part that may allow it to work with most vertical mounting systems.

I bought this because it fit my price range, and this seemed the best option that would support my pre-existing g-sync monitor. Otherwise I was wanting the 5700 XT card and go full .

There was a lack of bundled software. I'm just used to the days when there always was game included.


Wish I could vote 3.5 stars. It looks pretty good with minimal design eccentricities. However if I was to buy another case tomorrow, I would look elsewhere.

Pros: Looks good, big window, optical drive support, intake/exhaust screens, Cons: Cramped on mobo tray, non existant back panel cable management, tight clearances around top and rear fan mounts.

I liked that I could remove the internal 3.5" drive bays. Window is HUGE! You cannot mount two 140mm fans and have an optical drive in the top slot. The optical drive SATA and power cables are in tight proximity to mobo.

Power Supply

Seems fine. I do wish they had more options and variations on the cords. Example, I only needed 1 SATA power lead, but the included wire loom has 3. So I have to tuck 2 unneeded headers someplace.

Optical Drive

Does seem to work well with windows 10. I don't think I've used the Writer feature, but reads blu ray and DVD media well enough to feed my Plex.

Operating System

I mean really. Do we have a choice? I went pro because I heard it could be more lenient if I had to change motherboards for some unforeseen issue on this build.

If you are upgrading from an older version be prepared to feel slightly violated at the accounts you have to setup and questions to answer simply to install your OS to your hardware. EULA ? LOL who reads these, why do they even exist, it was a good 90's legal advice to cover the microsofts ***, but it's about to be 3 decades ago. Probably no sneaky **** in there, but still, it takes a while to get it setup if you're new to it.

If you have moderate PC building experience, then this is probably not as big a deal anymore. You're numb to the pain, am I right?

Case Fan

They Suck. (or blow?) well.

I do think the white LED pattern is nice. Brightness is highest in the middle and fades away towards the outside. No adjustment to that color, which is perfectly fine for me. Because obviously I'm classic AF.


She's served me very well and still does! Love the monitor. Tons of ports, options for inputs and outputs. Outstanding performance in games without totally breaking the bank. I've owned this for 3 years and still works like new


Still using my 2 year old mouse. Has more buttons that I need by far.

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  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

Still looks clean on the build. I'd agree the mobo tray seems smallish, nice fan lighting.

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Does the motherboard come with a wireless wifi adapter?

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Yes. It does have onboard wifi. The antenna connects to the back I/O panel.

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

thank you for replying. I myself am building a pc with this motherboard and didn't know if it came with onboard wifi. thanks a lot!

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point


How is the motherboard stability overall ? and what temperatures are you getting on the cpu with that stock cooler ?


  • 22 days ago
  • 1 point

how did you connect front panel connectors to this board, I am slightly confused