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LGA1150 Green/Black Build

by Grimblade20



Date Published

April 9, 2015

Date Built

April 6, 2015

CPU Clock Rate

4.299 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

28.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

62.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.05 GHz


Having built computers for friends and family numerous times in the past, I decided it was time for an upgrade of my own when designing this build. While making the parts list, there were a few key features I set out to include: size, power, and color.

Overall, I think the build turned out very well. Aside from a (somewhat frightening) power issue following completion of the build, and a fitment issue when attempting to install the NZXT. Kraken; Assembly of this computer was relatively quick and painless. The motherboard feels to be of high quality, the drives were easy to install, and there was just enough room to fit power and connection cables where they couldn't be seen.

The system boots Windows 8.1 pro in ~8 seconds; and according to NZXT.'s CAM software, my i5 is currently running a stable 4.299GHz overclock (stress-tested w/ Prime95) and sitting at 28 Celcius while idle. Before the overclock, temperatures at idle were somewhere in the 23 Celcius range.

Part Reviews


Mainstream, I know, but there's really not much more I can ask from a processor. Great OCapability, excellent reliability and power consumption, and an affordable price.

CPU Cooler

After hearing some bad things about Corsair products, I made a last-minute switch from the H80i to the X41 - and I couldn't be happier. Overall, this is a stunningly polished cooler; the performance and aesthetics that it added to my build make it well worth the pricetag.


This motherboard was chosen because of it's excellent reviews, size, and features list. The Gigabyte GA-z97n-WIFI combines good performance and technology with a competitive price.


This G.Skill Sniper series RAM was chosen mainly because it was one of the cheapest ways out of DDR3-1600. While the performance is on par, the build quality feels low, and the heat spreaders feel somewhat flimsy (as compared to similarly priced RAM, ex. Ballistix Sport)


With abundant new technologies and exceptional read/write speeds, the 850 EVO was a no-brainier for this build. Boots Windows 8.1 in ~8 seconds.


As a Western Digital fanboy, the caviar black series has been a dream of mine to someday integrate into a build. Finally that day has come, and this WD Black 2TB drive will serve as a primary storage device for the length of it's industry leading five-year warranty.

Video Card

Although there is no picture, this is the reference NVIDIA GTX 970 card. Cooling is average, as is the power consumption. Mainly chosen because a) It looks nice with the Kraken, and b) I work at BBY and got a good deal.


The pinnacle of this build was the Thermaltake Core V1 Mini. This case brings real meaning to the term "small form factor", as it can pack a powerful punch without compromising on size. The Core V1 manages to be stylish, small, and customizable; all within $40

Power Supply

Again I resisted the tempting allure of a Corsair PSU for this build, instead going with a 520-watt model from Antec's High Current Gamer line. The result is powerful performance and effortless overclocking from a PSU I can rely on.

Operating System

Windows 8.1 Pro currently sells in a student edition for $69.99! It's a great OS!

Case Fan

These two Nocturas keep my build cool and quiet. Often when 80mm fans are in question, the noise can get annoying; but the NF-R8 Redux is silent at idle and very quiet under load.

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yatesy02 3 points 49 months ago

Nice build however I would use a smaller ssd cost must have been quite high, Kingston ssd's are pretty good for the money

Grimblade20 submitter 2 Builds 3 points 49 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! My fallback for this build was a Crucial MX100, which are also very good for the money. After checking some comparison charts from userbenchmark.com, I determined that the 850 EVO price/performance was the right choice for this build.

cheme917 1 Build 3 points 49 months ago

Very well spent money my friend. Your build made me fall in love with that case. +1

Grimblade20 submitter 2 Builds 3 points 49 months ago

For the money, I doubt you'll find a better Mini-ITX case!

yatesy02 2 points 49 months ago


Johnny_7_Bravo 1 Build 2 points 49 months ago

I see you took your 200mm fan off to make room for the water cooler, I wonder if this has had a positive (lower) or negative(higher) effect on the temps of the mobo and the ram and such, seeing that there is not as much air. Can you tell any difference or do those tiny 80mm fans pick up the slack?

PS - overall epic build, I happen to literally be building the identical build (only a little "beefier" - using an i7, just curious about taking that 200mm fan off.

Grimblade20 submitter 2 Builds 2 points 49 months ago

I haven't tested the system with the 200mm fan mounted on front, my guess would be an increased airflow to all the parts and most likely lower temperatures. The reason I decided to ditch the 200mm stock fan is because it's only a 3-pin, with no PWM control. Because I wanted full reign over all my case fans, I went with NZXT.'s supposedly "tuned for radiator performance" fan.

Also, I may end up purchasing a 200mm with PWM fan in the future because currently the case frame is blocking a small amount of airflow to the radiator.

Johnny_7_Bravo 1 Build 2 points 48 months ago

I see. Building a small case has its challenges.. I have searched the web over and am not able to find results or pics from someone using a large fan (larger than what the radiator came with) as a replacement for the fan that came with the radiator (that fits perfectly) - in this case I suspect that it would have a good impact on the case air flow, and even on the radiator, but idk for sure.

If/when you do, perhaps you can let the thread know!

garethccc 3 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

Great build, love the Noctua fans!

Kreuzer 2 Builds 2 points 38 months ago

Nice, I got the same case wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl !