This is my first ever PC the case has been with me since 2015, but never had the extra money to build on it I was happy I didn't and decided to build on it on September 2019(Cheap CPU and GPU better too).

The monitor is old too got it as the same time as the case on 2015. I was using it for my 970m Laptop. I got the case for $100 and the Monitor for $250. Overall price of my PC without the monitor and case is $1300(RGB LL120 and ram made it go higher bout $200+)

The only thing I want to upgrade is my motherboard because it only has 1 M2 slot. My CPU Cooler and CPU, for the GPU maybe wait for 3000? or go for 2070 super. But the first thing I need to upgrade probably is the case before upgrading the motherboard and CPU cooler. And lastly a monitor can't decide between 1440p or 1080p the one I'm using is a TN Panel 144hz 1ms but I can't get to 144hz due to this monitor is old and doesn't have a display port.

I'm missing one more LL120 fan in the front 3x and one AF120 at the bottom front fan.

The hottest temp for my CPU is probably 76-78 when playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

I was happy when everything lit up on my first power on but there was no display didn't realize that there are ports(if I'm correct) on the GPU(remove the plastic covers) I plug it in on the motherboard and there was no display you have to connect it to the GPU. First builders common mistake I guess.

Part Reviews


If it's you first time building or want to spend more on the GPU this is for you.


Youtubers love it only thing I don't like is 1M2 slot and 4 fan headers? And the Red light that I cannot change at all even if I did.

Video Card

Runs cool, looks great.

Case Fan

If you can handle the cable management go for it.

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  • 3 months ago
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Cool! Like the fans! Like the username as well!

  • 3 months ago
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Thank you!