I wanted to run everything I could throw at this machine at 1080, 60 FPS, Ultra / Very high settings. Does the job admirably!

Part Reviews


Reasonably inexpensive for the performance - got that quad core action to run games at a good pace.


Solid board at a very good price. I had no issues with the build quality or anything of that kind. I wasn't planning on overclocking or running two GPUs, so that wasn't an issue. Good budget board.


Does what it says on the tin. In retrospect, I think I would have gone for 2x4GB instead, to get better dual channel use. I'll likely buy another stick of 8GB to round out the system better.

In retrospect, I would have likely gone for more budget RAM, to better suit this build.


Zippy as hell, no complaints.


Perfectly fine HDD, though I have an issue with it seemingly spinning down after a very brief period of inactivity. Firmware didn't correctly update on it either.

Video Card

Does exactly what I wanted - 1080p, 60fps on ultra/very high settings, with basically everything I throw at it. Overclocked a bit and still runs around 70 degrees under very high load over long periods of gaming. Got a great boxing day deal on this, and haven't regretted it.


Solid performer at the price point. I like the understated but classy look, and the fact that its well-ventilated.

On the other hand, I had a hard time with cable management, particularly in finding enough space on the MB side of the case to get it to close. Had to re-work things a bit, for a less elegant look. Also, the front case fan made an annoying hum until I moved it from inside the cage to outside (still within the front panel). See here for a guy who had the same issue, and fixed it the same way:

At this price, it still adds up to a good proposition.

Power Supply

Got a good price, and I've been happy with it. No issues so far (just under a month of heavy use). I like that its semi-modular.

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  • 52 months ago
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Dose the 970 block anything on the motherboard