This PC served me well for the past three years, ongoing a case swap from a Corsair 750D to a Define R5, multiple graphics cards, CPUs, coolers, and hard drives. I'm about to decommission it and downsize to a Ryzen ITX build in the coming weeks, so stayed tuned.

Part Reviews


Awesome CPU that still keeps up to today's standards. Intel QuickSync is a nice feature for Adobe Premiere Pro allowing for quick render times.

CPU Cooler

Great cooler, but the stock fans was causing turbulence in the case and creating excess noise, so they were swapped out with beQuiet Silent Wings 3.

Thermal Compound

Great paste but does eventually dry out.

Thermal Compound

Really helped keep my 7700K cool after delidding.


An okay motherboard; worked great for the time being, but didn't do too well in overclocking. The VRMs don't have heatsinks on them so pushing the CPU to over 5 GHz caused the VRMs to overheat and throttle.


Functional kit of RAM; RAM speed didn't matter on Intel.


Fast drive helps with loading the Adobe Creative Suite and opening large projects.


This was the Steam library game drive for the occasional gaming session.


Pulled from an old laptop and used it to store FLACs.


With this drive being prone to failure as noted by Backblaze, I was reluctant to put any important files on it. It did however last the few years that I've been using it without any issues.

Video Card

Great card that I was able to overclock to 2080 speeds. One thing to note is there is no Zero RPM mode, making it the loudest component in the PC even when idling.


Spacious case with sufficient sound dampening cloth. Allows the PC to remain unheard even when sitting next to it.

Power Supply

Really quiet PSU; the fans basically never turn on.

Optical Drive

Great for ripping CDs to FLACs.

Optical Drive

Needed to burn blue rays for a class and this did the job.

Case Fan

Tried Noctua fans, but they were creating audible turbulence due to the case layout and fan cutouts.

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