Updated 5/9/2017

I initially had a budget of $500 but quickly threw the budget out of the window after finding out there is no g4560 in my area and out of stock in most stores. I "settled" with an i3-7100 becase i bought it in combination with the motherboard and got like $30 slashed off the mobo--a Gigabyte H270m DS3H.

My aims were to build in a small micro-ATX case so i chose Fractal Core 1100 case. Its small enough to fit behind my TV.

The CPU cooler has been a trouble for me. My intel stock cooler has been giving me a noticeably annoying noise and i have to get rid of it. Although i initially bought a Coolermaster hyper T2, i switched for a Vortex Plus so i can have side clearance so i can put a side case fan. Little did i know that once i put the GPU there wouldn't be space for the side fan at all. Anyway, i will probably have to buy back the T2 or get a cheaper cooler that is silent.

The one part of this build i think I "splurged" with was the SSD. I saw a lot of Samsung 850 EVO's at my local Microcenter and they seem to be top of the line according to reviews. Anyway, they made my PC boot like in 5 seconds so no regrets. I also have an old Wester Digital 2.5" Hdd from my old broken laptop for extra 250GB storage.

Graphics card is another pricey item in this build. I got this refurbished, and with the mail in rebate, this RX 470 4gb by MSI should come down to about $125.

Update: April 2018 Saw Msi RX 480 8gb for $199 and immediately got a hold of it. See it installed on last picture. Looks so much sleaker than the 470. And more pwerful too. Update: May 2018 After a few days of playing and doing benchmark. The MIS Rx480 seems to be crashing all the time just doing Heaven benchmark. I returned it and purchased an RX 480 ROG Strix for less than $200. I know I know that RX 580's are already here that's why I took advantage of store trying to get rid of their RX 400's. So far this beaut has been good to me. Hopefully no more returns.

I also have to buy a wifi card so that dont have to run a long cable across the room. Works fine as far as i'm concerned. No issues watching Netflix and online videos.

Just one day old and i got to run programs and see how it does perform but so far me and my wife enjoy watching streaming videos and browsing the web with no problems. We'll see how it performa with games and such.

Part Reviews


Very noticeable improvent from a HDD. Very light and easy to install. The Migration software was also a breeze. Im glad I spent the extra dollars.


In my opinion: Pros: 175mm width, which means very slim mini-ATX capable case; space for 3 2.5" SSD and 2 5"drives; Top PSU mount helps with ventilation I suppose; Comes with one simple 120mm intake fan.

Cons: no cable management. limited options for fans: 120mm front, 92mm rear and 120mm side. Cannot put side fan with the GPU card I'm using. limited options for CPU tower coolers: Cooler master T2 was a fit but better to use low-profile ones.

Over-all I am happy with this case.

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  • 36 months ago
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I've been interested in Gigabyte's GA-H270M-DS3H motherboard. How's that board been in your system so far?

i couldn't find reviews for the thing for the life of me...

  • 36 months ago
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This motherboard is good for the price.. if you can get it discounted it is even better. Basic stuff for people who do not want to bother with overclocking CPU's.

It's in my system for almost a month now and no problems so far. This board has three system fan connectors and lots of thermal sensors so it's good if you like to thinker with fans in your build.

Got plenty of SATA connections, even has an m.2 slot. I highly recommend it.

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  • 36 months ago
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Thanks! My decision on the case was to find a slim micro-atx case for my budget and at 175mm wide this one wins it for me. It's not really a showman's case, but it can pack your imprtant components. Although, you have to research your cpu cooler heights, video card lenghts and width.

With my GPU here, the lowest SSD slot on the bracket is useless since the PCIe cable hits that area. And I cannot place a side fan as well. I've seen some people mount the SSD on the outside of the bracket though.

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