I have always been a console gamer for most of my life other than playing CS 1.6, CS Source and StarCraft back in the day. I've decided to transition to PC to enhance my gaming experience. This was a great first build for me with a great potential for upgrades later down the line, but as of right now, I think this a great mid-range, somewhat budget PC. Building the PC itself was not as difficult as I thought considering I've watched hours and hours of build videos on YouTube prior to purchasing the parts. The most nerve wracking moment was hitting the power button on the case after completing the build and waiting to see if the PC would boot. Thank God it did.

I've currently just been playing Overwatch and Fortnite. I'm looking into getting back into GTAV because the game is just too good. I'll definitely be exploring more titles. Also, aside from gaming, I'll be heavily use it for video editing. I have a passion for fitness, powerlifting specifically and compete at least twice a year. I record my lifting sessions and do video edits to post on Instagram to share and track progress. Hopefully this build will be future-proof for at least 5 years, but I'm already excited for the next upgrades.

Part Reviews


As a first build, this CPU was definitely the right choice for me regarding the PC utilization. I picked a locked CPU because I don't think I'll need to overclock since it's only for casual gaming and some video edits.

CPU Cooler

Reliable and aesthetic looking cooler. Intel's stock cooler also looks like something that came out of a horror movie that's why I decided to go with a third-party cooler.


I bought this one during Prime Day and sold for around $120 compared to it's retail price of around $165-$170. It's a very nice design with easy to use BIOS along with RGB lights in the back. I gave it 4 stars out of 5 because the I/O shield was incredibly difficult to install in the NZXT H500 case. The padded shield made it difficult for the motherboard to align with the standoffs. With a little pressure and force, it eventually installed properly.


RAM is RAM. Chose this particular ram because it went well with the motherboard black/white theme color. I only bought 1 stick of 8gb because I figured I'd use the $50 of rebate I'll receive for the second stick even though 1 stick of 8gb is working perfectly well right now.


Incredibly fast. Great budget SSD. Bitwit (YouTube) mentioned he was a fan of this product so I quickly purchased it. The case is made of plastic, but I don't see that being a problem. Currently have OS and mostly used programs and games stored in it.

Video Card

Awesome GPU with great performance and sleek aesthetics. With an i5-8400. I'm dishing out around 120-140 FPS on Fortnite on EPIC settings. Very pleased.


Very good case for a mid-range PC. Tempered glass and pre-installed standoffs are a huge plus. Easy installation of HDD, SSD and additional case fans on the front panel. Back panel gives option for cable management which was a game changer.

Power Supply

Very reliable. I would say 600W was a little overkill for the specs, but I was thinking of not having to worry about the PSU when upgrading or adding additional parts in the future.

Operating System

$14 because I bought it through SCDKey. Great OS.

Case Fan

I bought the white LED not the purple because PCPartPicker did not have the white as an option. Overall, this fan is extremely quiet and has a very nice touch of white LEDs. Installed it on the front panel for intake since the NZXT H500 only came with 2 fans for exhaust.


Great 144hz for the price. Most of the titles I'm playing are reaching close to 144 FPS with the right settings. This monitor is ridiculously bright and currently have the brightness setting at 15/100. Overall, great monitor.


Incredible keyboard. I picked the MX Brown keys, but I can honestly say that I do not utilize the RGB customization enough even though it's pleasing to watch.


Sleek design and great for any type of gaming or PC use. Multiple buttons that are all programmable through the Logitech software. Comes with weights to customize movement control.


For $50, this is the best headset I've ever had in my whole gaming experience. Sound is perfect and bass is just right which can all be customized through the iCue program from Corsair. The quality of mic is also incredible. Only minor issue I currently have is that the mic has to be detached if you want it out of the way. Some headsets have it so that the mic is flipped up. This is just a minor inconvenience for such a great performing headset for the price.

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  • 18 months ago
  • 4 points

+1 for 1337 price

  • 18 months ago
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  • 17 months ago
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This is basically the exact build I've been concocting myself, but slightly better processor and more RAM. Then I noticed I have both of those monitors in your photos too...I'm spooked

  • 16 months ago
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i too am spooked! LOL

  • 13 months ago
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Did your case come with fans?

  • 10 months ago
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it came with 2 exhaust fans