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Enterprise - NCC1701-J Universe Class 4.7 Ghz

by taftw86


Just completed this build. At work right now so I don't know the temperatures off the top of my head but will update this later.

Machine will be used for everything from work to play. I haven't been a gamer since the 1900s but this machine could handle anything and everything.

I plan to use this machine for video editing and 3d compositing. Learning Blender and Cinema 4d. Will use Adobe CS6 with this machine, havent tested out After Effects, benchmarks will be added in soon.

People ask why I have so many hard drives...Funny thing is they are all full....complete filmography in HD take lots of space..

Overclocked the machine to 4.7 seems to run stable with no issues, will be running Prime stress test soon.

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Javanode 1 Build 10 points 73 months ago

holy moly it's the titan!

Great8Girl 8 points 73 months ago

Ha ha, that's excatly what I thought too!

alexjc4lyfe 7 points 73 months ago

My body wasnt ready for this....

Sabotage 3 points 73 months ago

My only complaint is your monitor, it is so out of place, why not have 2 27in monitors since you have the specs to drive that and it would not be that much more expensive, other than that I love the build. That is one huge ssd, why not get two for safety?

taftw86 submitter 1 Build 3 points 73 months ago

when I move at the end of the month im adding a 32 inch led 1080p tv as my second monitor mounted on the wall, with an L-desk....will add photos next month.

Sabotage 1 point 73 months ago

Okay that makes sense, really nice build.

kylepatrickswan 3 Builds 1 point 71 months ago

Go for a higher resolution if you can afford it.

Scaroza 2 Builds 3 points 73 months ago

A gamer since the 1900's How old are you :P Psu is massivly overkill.

taftw86 submitter 1 Build 1 point 73 months ago

28, last pc gaming I was into was quake 3 arena, dark forces 2 jedi knight, and counterstrike....when I was in 8th grade....if I play a game now its Madden on my PS3, Street Fighter w/ my nephews, or Mortal Kombat with the guys.

SrgtMacfly 2 points 73 months ago

HOLY SMOKES!!! This thing is a BEAST!!!!

FrankV01 2 Builds 2 points 73 months ago

That's a pricey but powerful build you have there. Will it take over the world soon?

FrankV01 2 Builds 2 points 73 months ago

Oh, and I love the name.

taftw86 submitter 1 Build 3 points 73 months ago

My laptop is called Galactica and my tablet is the Voyager....Im a nerd

AJoyce86 1 Build 2 points 73 months ago

This looks NOTHING like a Constitution class starship.

Otherwise, quite impressive.

pc_noob 1 Build 2 points 73 months ago

Great Job on you Computer Bra but move your OP Titan to the top PCI slot because the bottom slot is most of the time a 8x slot and the top is 16x for the fastest speeds. And Every one else STOP it for what hes does a Titan is need because CS6 only use's one GPU so a 690 is only running like a 680 in CS6.

[comment deleted by staff]
Pure 1 point 73 months ago

Why do you need 15.5 tb of storage and why not get a 690 instead. Overall very nice but work on your cable management.

taftw86 submitter 1 Build 5 points 73 months ago

When you have a movie collection as large as mine and stopped purchasing DVDs 5 years ago you will understand the storage conundrum. As far as Titan for 690...for video editing and 3d composition I felt I got better performance with the Titan and its 6gb gpu vs. the 690, and their is no SLI benefit in 3d composition/video editing.

Pure 2 points 73 months ago

Thanks for telling me that info.

[comment deleted by staff]
SrgtMacfly 3 points 73 months ago

The Titan has 1 TBPS while the 690 only has 192GBPS, so the Titan is far superior in rendering and such

[comment deleted by staff]
Ggadget 1 point 73 months ago

You have 15 tb of video!

[comment deleted by staff]
jakethemp 1 Build 1 point 73 months ago

I can honestly see having 15tb of vids... when I was downrange. we easily 15tb of movies between me and my whole platoon. blue ray quality movies took up like 4 gigs

aragorn98 1 point 73 months ago

Not overkill at all! If it doesn't play any game at max in the next one (maybe two) years I'll be surprised. I suppose you could put in another Titan!!!

Smily 1 point 73 months ago

Nice, I'd be careful of that PSU, but it's not like it's made by AMD, so I think it's fine.

xSWATxBadkid 1 Build 2 points 73 months ago

At least is isn't made by nVidia, it would catch fire!

Smily 1 point 73 months ago

Yeah. It would be a 500 W psu, but they'd find a way to make it output 1200W and be really hot :p. I was more referring to AMD processors though

taftw86 submitter 1 Build 1 point 73 months ago

psu is a coolmaster gold standard highly reviewed....not sure whats to be careful of

Smily 1 point 73 months ago

Yeah. But it's listed as a tier 3 here.


Ggadget 1 point 73 months ago

Tier 3 is still pretty good. I've read that list.

Smily 1 point 73 months ago

Ehh. For a build of this caliber I wouldn't take chances.

Ggadget 1 point 73 months ago

I guess.

mousseng 1 Build 1 point 73 months ago

AMD doesn't make power supplies.

Smily 1 point 73 months ago

Lucky for us!

Apach3 3 Builds 1 point 73 months ago

that's one helluva beast you got. you're the envy of enthusiasts here XD

if you're doing video and 3D stuff, consider investing in an IPS screen. the Asus ProArt PA248Q is one of the less expensive and better-known ones, and it has a USB 3.0 hub if you're interested: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-monitor-pa248q

[comment deleted]
NUclearD3 1 Build 1 point 73 months ago

Very nice build! I really like seeing a Titan in a build. And I like the power supply choice “Because overkill is underrated, my friend.” Also great name for a PC.

thalesknight 1 point 73 months ago

Gotta work on that cable management.

Bit of a wire nest behind your hard-drive cage. Should clean that up to maximize airflow and minimize spots for dust to settle.

uio77 1 point 73 months ago

With that power you need to get a 27" ultra HD screen to make it worth.

th3m4dh4tt3r 1 Build 1 point 73 months ago

clean up your cables a bit, and get a better monitor! Nice titan :D Great build! Also move the titan to the top pcie slot.

Computer_Monkey 1 Build 1 point 73 months ago

Wait. If you were willing to spend about $1000 on the Titan, why wouldn't you get more SSDs instead of HDDs? It would go much faster...

taftw86 submitter 1 Build 3 points 73 months ago

The only new drive is the 512gb SSD, all the rest are from my prior build i dont need a faster drive for watchen **** and every episode of every season of every star trek television series....

Computer_Monkey 1 Build 2 points 73 months ago

Okay then... That was a little too much information...

xSWATxBadkid 1 Build 1 point 73 months ago

Nice hardware, not so good cable management. OH GOD NEVER USE ASUS PROGRAMS! Their temps are complete BOGUS and off by 10C+! And they will mess with temps of other temp monitoring programs! Eliminate Asus software now lol!

jonahchavarria 1 Build 1 point 73 months ago

why would you plug the 8 pin mobo connector like that lol

the13yearoldgenius 1 point 65 months ago

i think the h100i was in the way lol :D

butlerfowl 1 point 73 months ago

Man, I wish I could afford this! I'm in college right now and I am working to be a game developer. ******* awesome build man. I am jealous. Ming telling me where this will be at 10 o clock tonight, I just wana cough cough steal cough cough I mean see it. That'd be great.

In all seriousness, this is awesome, I would have just put Windows 7 ultimate on there.

PatrickG 1 point 72 months ago

Corsair ATX 1200i would link to cooler and if you research you can find Corsair memory that would also link w/$700 budgeting for it!

TDAxMonster 1 point 67 months ago

IDK what to put in my build? 780 or titian, i hear that there isnt a huge difference. what do you think?

Gooberdad 10 Builds 1 point 66 months ago

Very nice build. I was wondering if a 2011 socket would be something to reach for on my next build. I see I am not prepared for the proper equipment to go with it. This is really nice stuff.

ablo5230 1 point 66 months ago

15 and a half TBs you need more

1Tactician1 0 points 73 months ago

OMG! This is AWESOME! I like your style with this computer MAX THE CRAP OUT OF IT! i have never seen the titan on a computer. Your should try running 3 monitors the titan is 1 of the best GPU's for that. Other Than THAT. Its a SMEXY BUILD!

Bryson -1 points 73 months ago

Cough Overkill Cough. But in all seriousness, phenomenal build. I'm sure you are astonished with all the benchmarks and what it is capable of. Great build!

jonesa -4 points 73 months ago

okay I understand the storage space if your using it as a video editing station, but there is no reason for the amount of ram. you should have gotten less of faster speeds. Also an I-5 would have been acceptable, the only boost you get from I-7's are in L3 cache

taftw86 submitter 1 Build 5 points 73 months ago

This I highly disagree with, I believe in maxing out the motherboard specs.....64 gigs of ram...im sure when im rendering 3D effects on Cinema 4D or After Effects...ill be using it. As far as an i5...those don't come with 6 cores.....I got the i7 3930k because of the extra cores that my software was designed to utilize.

Bgwood91 1 point 73 months ago

Not to mention Hyper-threading

xSWATxBadkid 1 Build 0 points 73 months ago

Prove you are using your hardware to 80%+, I honestly doubt the programs are that incredibly intensive, but I could be wrong.

radioactivetux -8 points 73 months ago

stupid psu.... that is only needed for 3titans, even then its overkill

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