Watercooled build for gaming but I most of the time also use it for CAD. The 7700k is a beast and handles every task I throw at it except for overclocking... getting it to 5GHz was impossible. I was only able to get past 4,9 after deliding it wich ultimately made it more stable since I lost about 20°C overall. The maximum overclock that I got was 5,2GHz but I did settle for 4,7GHz since the fans run a lot quieter. The loop has a fill-port at the top (wich looks hideous but you´re not gona see it that often) and a drain-port out the bottom for easy filling and draining. Havent used the fill port yet since I can still use the reservoir for filling but if I ever add a 2nd GPU it will be blocked by that so the fill-port will be usefull then. I did keep the components mostly black so that all you have to change is the fluid and the cables to get another colror theme.


Superposition (4k Optimized):  5428
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Part Reviews


Great processor that will last you a while due to ist great performance in everyday tasks, video editing and gaming but you wont get far when overclocking it if you dont delid it. I got about 20°C lower temps by replaceing the crappy thermalpaste (some rubbery stuff that does not seem proper for unlocked processors) under the IHS for some Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra. That way I was able to hit the 5GHz without it crashing.


I was looking for a Motherboard that would allow me to overclock my 7700k and support SLI in an mATX form factor. I also needed connectivity like Bluetooth, WLAN, USB type C, M.2/NVME, USB2.0,USB3.0 ... After some Searching I found all that with the Strix z270g and ist defently gona stay in my build for a long time.


How do I describe this... Its just AWSOME! Windows installed on it SUUUUPER FAST and my system boots so fast that I dont even see the Windows logo and get to the Login-screen right away. I had some problems 1st but after reinstalling Windows and updateing the drivers it just worked. Defently the best/fastest NVME SSD. 500GB is more than enough if you just plan on installing Windows and some other standard Programms that you want to load fast. I would suggest getting the 250GB one if you want to save some money since I only use about 190GB so far with just Windows and all my loved programms


Was lucky to get it from an Ebay auction for only half the Price wich is awsome! But whats even more awsome is how it improved loading times in Games and file transfer in general.

Video Card

Great card for the price... but thats what I expected since the cards with the 70 always had the best bang for your buck. Getting 2 of them in SLI even beats the 1080ti in games that support SLI and ist almost the same price.


Nice case with some good features. but the acrylic sidepanel catches scratches realy fast and they show up when theres light from the inside of the case. At first I didnt think that I would be able to get a full loop of this size in there. But im quite amized by how much space I had in the end. Some rubber gromets for the cable holes would´ve been a nice addition but what do I expect from a 50$ case.

Power Supply

I was looking for a modular PSU because I wanted to do my own cables and not break the waranty by opening it and sleeving into the PSU. 760W might be overkill for my system but that makes it future proof. Theres also a lot of modding materials for the Corsair PSU´s. Incase the red Stickers bother you you can easily find custom ones online aswell as the pinout. The hybrid fan mode is also a great feature even tho the fan is super quiet when its running. The amount of PCI-E and Sata outlets is also superb lots of connectivity when you need it.

Operating System

Nice OS defently more userfriendly then Windows 8 or 8.1 the forced Updates dont bother me just look up a tutorial on how to disable all the spying Tools that Microsoft has enabled by default, or get a Programm that manages your Settings for you and restores them after every Update that might have changed them. Also dont buy it on a disk just get the Creation tool from Microsofts Website and make a USB with Windows on it and then later get a License key from the web. You save a lot of Money that way! But otherwise theres nothing to complain about, Its a well performing OS with some good Performance Upgrades for Gamers. In my opinion ist the best Windows so far when you ignore some of ist flaws.

Case Fan

The Name alredy says it theyre quiet! can defently suggest them to anyone searching for some good high static pressure fans. The colored ring on them can easyly be painted to match your theme since the package includes white ones.

Case Fan

Verry colorfull fans with a ton of lighting options. They perform great in my case so far and im planning on adding a custom LED controler to them for even more options and maybe a custom GUI so i can control them over USB. I can suggest them to anyone who is searching for some easy to mod RGB fans wich also perform good.


Great fluid havent had any problems yet like fallout, color changeing or clogging wich gets reported by quite a few users. I even had the system off for 2 weeks while I was on vacation and the nano particles that settled just mixed back in once the pump started up. Filling a loop with it is also a dream due to it being quite thick, had all the bubbles out in a few minutes by just tilting the build. The colors available are great and if you want something custom that can be adressed by just adding some dye to it.

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  • 30 months ago
  • 2 points

interesting case for a hardline loop, great result though! :D

  • 30 months ago
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Well I had the Case before I decided to Watercool it. but im quite pleased with the outcome myself even tho I had to mod the case a bit to make it work. Probably would choose a Fractal Design mini C if I ever change it.