This has been a very long time in the making, like, you have no idea, this is over 9 months in the making, it has taken a a very long time to get it to the final way I like it. Even then, I don't think it is finished right now, I might upgrade the case to a Phanteks Enthoo Luxe. But for now, this is how it is, and how it will be for a while.

Part Reviews


I really like this CPU, its lightning fast, and I got it on Black Friday sale back in November. I have overclocked it to 4.5 GHz no problem with reasonable temps, so far it has maxed out at 75C

CPU Cooler

This cooler is very good. It is quiet, efficient, it also looks pretty good.


There is a pretty big story behind this motherboard. I ended up driving five hours to my closest Micro Center to get this board, they had it nowhere else, I wanted this board that badly, and yes, it was very worth it.


Pretty good RAM, it has white camo, so it goes well with my build. I am taking a star off because it is pretty expensive, even for how bad RAM prices are right now.


Wanna go fast? This drive will help you get there, it is insanely fast.

Video Card

Pretty good card. But it can't play Overwatch 1440p at epic settings, even though people say it should be able too, can anyone help me out here?


Pretty nice case, I am taking a star off because a lack of 5.25 inch bays, which while is a rather legacy feature, I still really like having them.

Power Supply

I really like this Power Supply, it is quiet, high quality, and a very good unit in general.

Operating System



Only had it for a day, it is a five-star first impression so far, will update as time goes on.


It's okay, the viewing angles, are ok, but the colors are mediocre at best.


This keyboard, there is so many good things to say about this keyboard. Its cherry brown switches are PERFECT, the keycaps are nice, large gamer-like font aside, I just really really like this keyboard.


This mouse, another interesting story behind this one, so I went to office depot to get a new mouse, and saw the mx master was on sale for $60 and I knew I had to get one, however, when I got home, I opened the box, there was no mouse in the box, the box had all the accessories, receivers, manuals, everything, except the mouse. So I went back to the store and they got me a mouse, no questions asked, which was good.


Very good headset, but not for $180 maybe $130-$150 would be a reasonable price.

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  • 31 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice rig! I love that mobo, nice design.

How do you like that Dell P24? Is that VESA-mountable?

Btw, go Sal!

  • 31 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks, I like it alot, yeah, the dell p24 is VESA mountable, when you remove the stock dell stand it leaves 10mm VESA holes behind, it is an amazing monitor

  • 25 months ago
  • 1 point

This PC is still tanking through everything, but I am a bit worried about the kernel problems chopping 30% of my horsepower off