This is a PC I built for my senior project course.

Let me explain, "Senior Project" is a course that my high school requires all seniors to take in which they make a product tailored through their field of study. My field of study is STEM/ IT so I was inclined to build a PC from the start.

My senior project was a patent, one in which lifestyle companies would design PC cases based off of their brands; i.e: Vans designs a PC case that looks like one of their shoes, Mini Cooper designs a PC case that looks like one of their cars, Polaroid designs a PC case that looks like one of their cameras.

As a part of my senior project, I decided that I would produce an example from a lifestyle company if the patent were to be used by one.

I initially started off the semester dead-set on the construction of a Vans PC... Which obviously did not go as planned due to the varying dimensions of, well, shoes in general; if I were to build a mini ITX PC inside a Vans shoe, the shoe would have to 400% bigger than its actually size.

So, after that sad reality, I dumped the Vans shoe idea along with the 3D models, sketches, and sponsorship application.

I then looked towards one of my other favorite brands, Polaroid, and their most iconic instant shooter, the OneStep SX-70.

I was going into this fairly blindly, so I preemptively made the drawings of the case more boxy than the actual camera in case the parts wouldn't fit, which, was not at all necessary; i.e: the pictures.

The case is made out of plywood, which I then "professionally" spray painted and "detailed" with sharpie to really give it that Polaroid look.

Overall the PC runs great, games great, and edits great.

However, I do have this PC up for sale here

This may seem a bit brash, especially since I have only had the completed, fully functioning system for a couple of months, as of making this post.

But, I am selling this PC because I feel like I am better off putting the money somewhere else that will benefit me in the future, also having a very capable gaming system at the ready also gives me the incentives that I should spend my free time gaming rather than studying, and I already own a gaming laptop which works just fine.

Cheers for reading through all of this.

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  • 28 months ago
  • 2 points

Not your ordinary rodeo +1

  • 28 months ago
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I wish i were in your school! Our only senior project was boycotting and sabotating the teachers coffee-room because they gave certain student better notes as exchange for favors! But don't worry: nothing exaggerated or extreme. Your ideas is really nice anyway! Maybe you once get a job in that direction :)

  • 28 months ago
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This is, dare I say... cute.... I like it! +1