Build for 2K gaming, 4K video editing, and web and graphic work. A few old components used.

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Rock solid CPU. Can't say anything that others haven't already stated. Excellent price and performance.

CPU Cooler

Kind of a pain to install on my 3600 but once on the temps are around 12-22 lower than the stock unit from what I can tell. If you want an aftermarket cooler but want don't want to necessarily go radiator then this is a solid option.


X570 Motherboards seem to be a bit pricey. This one does the job and doesn't look as obnoxious as some of the other "gaming" mobos. My one gripe with this mobo is that it only comes with 2 fan plug-ins (not counting CPU), so if you have more than two fans buy some splitters.


Ripped this out of my old build for some backup storage. Have had it for 6+ years and it's still running smooth.


Primary storage for OS and a few select apps and games. Working as intended with write/read speeds that I assume are within the norm (haven't tested).


Picked up this 7200RPM HD for backup storage for media and it hasn't disappointed.

Video Card

I had a hard time deciding on which variant of the 5700 XT to purchase but ultimately went with the MSI Gaming X due to the lower temps and ambient noise provided by the Hardware Unboxed review. This card is a beast and runs anything I throw at it but I have to dock it one star due to the painful experiences I had setting it up.

On initial purchase I could not get this card to handle 144hz, screen flicker was very abundant. I tried everything from manually overriding settings with CRU (custom monitor software), to changing out cables and monitors to make sure it wasn't a different hardware problem. Finally what worked was that I had to undervoltage just a skosh on my GPU and it finally stabilized. I expect this to not be a problem when new drivers come out.

Also be aware that this card has a +100 watt increased PSU requirement compared to the rest of the 5700 XT field. I don't mind however as this thing is barely audible even under load.

Overall this card is a beast but getting it there really tested my patience.


There's a reason everyone on Reddit and hardware forums recommend this thing: it's sleek, compact, fits everything nicely with it's compartmentalized layout, and is affordable. Side panels are really easy to remove. Five stars all day long. Even comes with a fan.

Power Supply

Fully modular is the way to go. Works as should.

Operating System

It's an OS. Kind of have to have it. Hate windows search however.

Case Fan

Does the job and is barely audible. Thumbs up.

Case Fan

Does the job and is barely audible. Thumbs up.


This monitor gets the job done if you're looking for a curved white setup. Wouldn't recommend it for gaming but if you're looking at it you should already know that. If you plug it into a display port cable you can actually get it to 70Hz.


This freesync monitor is a steal if you can get it for around $250. Just know that the color out of the box is a joke and will take some manual settings changes. Also I would not use this for anything other than gaming, the color for web, photo, and video production is just too off. I use it as a secondary monitor for gaming and background apps like Spotify etc and it's great.


A bit pricey but for their size these A2s put out a great deal of sound. They are also very aesthetically pleasing, compact, and easy to plug and play.

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  • 7 months ago
  • 3 points

You went for style and performance in the 2K range and nailed it imo. well done! +1

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

+1 Looks sick!