I build this PC for gaming and streaming, and well it more than does the job. I've been using it for a good week now and man do I love it. Its has a 2080 super Video Card which is an ABSOLUTE BEAST and a AMD 3800x CPU. I went for a full black and silver part list and made the RGB that came along with it white for a chill feel.

Part Reviews


Great CPU, works very well for me!

CPU Cooler

Amazing AIO, a must have in a build with AMD series 3000 CPU's!

Thermal Compound

Keeps my CPU at 30 degrees idle!


I love this motherboard so much! It is super easy to use in BIOS and adjust everything like overclocking!


Good for its price and installing windows on!

Video Card

Amazing GPU, works amazingly and looks awesome!


It's a good case overall just minor cons with it like you can't have hard drives in the PC with three fans on the side outtake fans. Another thing is that cable management in the back is possible just very hard so keep that in mind. Finally the max GPU size is like 300 mm if you have 3 radiator fans on the side, if you only of two or the radiator is not going to the side your fine. Besides from all that this case looks amazing and its super easy to open and close. I can easily change parts in the future with the cable management if you do it right!

Power Supply

This PSU is amazing, hasn't failed me once yet!

Case Fan

Quiet and amazing looking fan!

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