I built this PC near the start of this year for gaming, studying, work and light productivity. I used some spare bits from a previous build as well as some ebay parts so it didn't actually cost as much as it states in the parts list.

I wanted to take my PC building up a notch as I previously had a mATX build in a Fractal Design Focus G case running a Pentium and 1050ti combo.

Part Reviews


I got this second hand from ebay for £175. Works great, seems to be keeping up with 1440p gaming at high settings on most titles. Ideally I'd have got the 7700K but I was dubious of the second hand ones due to how they may have been treated with overclocking by previous owners and new ones were still a similar price to the current gen i7 so it made sense just to get the 7700. Doesn't go above 60 C under load with the H100i PRO.

CPU Cooler

Does the job and looks pretty cool. I don't have much RGB going on in my build so I just have it set to an orangey colour that matches the lighting in the motherboard.

Thermal Compound

Does what it says on the tube!


No issues with this board. It was relatively cheap at just over £100 and has all the functionality that I need.


I initially only had 2 x 4 GB sticks in my last build so I just bought an extra 2 and bumped this rig up to 16 GB total.


This is my boot drive from my last build so I just brought it across for my new one. Boots my PC really quickly. For some reason in my mobo BIOS settings I can't put this drive as the primary boot drive (I can only select the M.2 or nothing at all), I think it would boot quicker if I could as it seems to be looking at the M.2 for the OS before going to the EVO. That said it still boots in 15 seconds which isn't bad.


This is my primary gaming storage drive. Load times for games are so much faster on here.


Basic drive for storing stuff. I don't store games on here anymore as I can really notice the load times being so much quicker on the SSD and M.2.

Video Card

I got this second hand on ebay and it seems to do the job. I have lightly overclocked it to squeeze a bit more performance out of but I haven't gone too crazy as I want it to last until at least next year when I may upgrade to RTX (maybe). Plays pretty much most of my games at high / ultra at 1440p with decent frame rates so I can't complain.


An absolute joy to build in. Top notch build quality, innovative design and cable management is a breeze.

Power Supply

A load of power head room here for me. Better to have it and not need it. The idea is that this whole build will be upgradeable with minimum fuss in the future.


This is my second unit. The power adapter on the first one gave up after a couple of months. So far the replacement is fine. Back light bleed is bit noticeable but not a problem, it's more that I know it's there that I only notice it a little bit during dark scenes in-game. With hindsight I should have just saved a bit of money and gone with a TN panel but it is a really nice screen to look at. This is my first experience with G-Sync which I have to say is really good and worth having.


When I type I do like to bash and punch my keys HARD! Feels good to hit enter with completely unnecessary force sometimes! I've had the keyboard for a couple of years now. I previously had a fancy expensive mechanical RGB Razer keyboard but I killed it with gravy from eating roast dinner at my desk. I couldn't afford another £160 for top of the range replacement so got this instead and to be honest it's all the keyboard I'll ever need. I don't like Razer software though so I don't even use it on my current PC, I'm happy to just have the lighting set to standard solid green.


It was fairly cheap and entry level as far as gaming mouses (mice?) go but it does the job, decent piece of kit!

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  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

I really like those cases, nice job + 1

  • 7 months ago
  • 2 points

Thanks, yeah I think it's quite a smart case. It will serve me well for a long time hopefully.