First time builder, nothing fancy with a black and red theme. I wanted to go for 2080+i7-8700k but got a great deal on i9-9900k + 2080ti and overall I think I got a very nice price for this build considering I needed monitor and keyboard. Usage is mostly gaming and for the moment everything thrown at this monster is running perfectly. I get more than 140 fps in every game I play :)

Intel Core i9-9900k: This processor is a beast. Allows heavy multitasking while keeping correct loads on every core. I did not try to OC for now as I get 4.7Ghz with turbo boost enabled and it's sufficient for my use. For the moment I find that it is not running as hot as many described.

Corsair H150i Pro: I was disappointed at first because it came with a few bent fins, but only 5 of them and not where the coolant is running so I decided not to return it. Does its job and Corsair iCue is not too bad to monitor and configure pump/fan speeds. I might buy 3 Noctua fans to have push/pull config once I decide to OC the 9900k. Installation was pretty easy except for the short fans cords that you have to connect to the pump, I also got a problem when the pump was not tighten enough on the CPU (I was afraid I almost fried the 9900k ! That was the first cardiac arrest)

MSI MPG Gaming Edge AC: Nice MB with the integrated Wi-Fi I needed. UEFI/BIOS is pretty easy to configure and MB installation was not painful. At first the computer did not POST but thanks to the debug led I was able to quickly find the problem (RAM not fully inserted in the slot = second cardiac arrest). The LEDs are easily controlled using Mystic Light (same for the GPU).

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB: I decided to go for 16GB and will add another 2*8GB in the future. Installation was (not so?) easy as you have to force a little to get the sticks in the slots and I was worried I might break the MB (again, first time builder here). Runs at 3200Mhz with XMP enabled.

Intel 660p Series: SSDs are amazing, everybody needs SSDs in their life. Windows boot is less than a second, games loading times are so fast. Used for OS, games and applications.

Toshiba 4TB: The loudest part in the build when in use and the rest is idle. I needed 4TB to store music, pics and videos and files in general. Read/Write speeds are correct.

MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB GAMING X TRIO: This is a heavy monster card. At first there was a loud rattling sound when the fans started to spin because the support bracket was touching the blades (third cardiac arrest thinking I might have damaged the blades). After fixing it I only hear a slight breezy sound when it's under load. The bracket helps reduce GPU sag although I give more credit to the reinforced PCIE slot. I have yet to push this card to its limit so it's not OC'd yet but after trying with MSI Afterburner it seems pretty easy to do.

Fractal Design Meshify S2 ATX Mid Tower: Very easy to build with and cable management is a breeze. I chose to go for the S2 instead of the meshify C because of the card length and as you can see there's plenty of room. The dark TG gives a nice sober aesthetic look. The only downside is the fan hub as you cannot monitor the three case fans if not connected to the MB.

SeaSonic FOCUS Plus Gold 850 W: Very good modular PSU. Sleeved cables look strong and it comes with velcro ties and cable ties.

Dell S2719DGF: I used to play games on an Asus Rog laptop (G551JM) and going from 15''/60hz/1080p to 27''/155hz/1440p with the Dell S2719DGF is just mind-blowing. At first I was afraid because I've never had TN (always IPS) but the colors are beautiful and I still have to find those poor viewing angles that everybody is talking about (who plays at an angle anyway ?). Although it says Freesync this monitor is G-Sync compatible. Only downside is a little bleed at the bottom of the screen.

Corsair K68: Got it from Amazon Warehouse refurbished but like new. I always wanted a mechanical keyboard and the K68 with its Cherry MX switches does the job very well. A bit loud when typing but I have headphones so I don't mind (my wife does !). The red LEDs can be configured in iCue.

AmazonBasics DP to DP cable: The Dell S2719DGF did not came with any DisplayPort cable so I had to buy one. IMO it's a good thing as I was reading the problem with monitors coming with powered DP cables that can fry your Monitor/GPU. VESA certified, DisplayPort 1.2 (up to 4k) and a good price, what else ?

ASUS ROG Gladius: I did not list the mouse and mousepad because I already bought them in 2018. After my Deathadder Chroma stopped working I wanted a mouse with the same feel and heavier. I was super satisfied with the ROG Gladius which comes with two sets of cable (one short, one long and sleeved) and a storage bag. The mousepad is a Steelseries QCK mini and I know that it is too small but I use claw grip when playing competitive FPS and I don't knock on the KB or the tower so that's fine for me !

Xbox 360 controller (chinese knockoff) and crappy cheap headphones are from Amazon.

Thanks to PCpartpicker, Youtubers (Bitwit, JayzTwoCents, LinusTechTips, Hardware Canucks, etc.) and r/pcbuild I managed to gather data on the course of 9 months to find the best PC build that suited my needs.


Artie is best kitty.

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  • 7 months ago
  • 3 points

Yeah man, I dont know. You may want to look at getting a better CPU + GPU combo. That is looking pretty entry level to me...

(but in all seriousness, very nice! And Artie is indeed best kitty)

  • 7 months ago
  • 2 points

I think you're system build was to cheap i think you should have went with dual rtx titans but no serious this build is actually nice! Better then any of my builds price wise but the only thing is that its an entry level...

  • 7 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice, but can it run Corncob 3D?

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah my corsair pump came with bent fins as well. Seems fairly common.

  • 7 months ago
  • 2 points

Hey thanks for commenting, I got inspired by your "entry level build" ! Shame I don't have any Doritos... but I have cat.