Didn't plan on posting this, but thought it would be fun. This is my first build, and everything went smoothly. The only problem I had was that I forgot to connect the Blu-Ray drive and had to open the case up again to do it. I'm not a gamer, really, but I love putting things together, and I wanted a PC that was our own from the ground up. The only problem is that all I want to do now is build another PC. :)

Part Reviews


Great, fast six-core processor, and the cooler is much quieter than what I've been used to with off-the-shelf PCs. (This is my first build.) The value is excellent, and may be a steal with some of the 3xxx-series Ryzen processors coming out. If I were to do it all over again (but now), I'd probably spend the extra for the 3600X.


I love the bios and other included utilities. (This is my first build, so anything different from a Dell or HP is like Disneyland to me.) My only complaint--and, honestly, I don't know if this has to do with the board--is that the boot time is a tad slower than with my HP Intel i7-2600: I'm using Crucial SSDs in both--M.2 in this, and a SATA in the HP. Still, the boot time is MUCH faster for both than the HDD I had in the HP, and I really like the performance and look of this board (yes, even the dark-brown doesn't bother me at all)!


Very good RAM. I only just found out, however, about CAS latency and RAM speed, and I think I would have gone with the same speed at lower latency. You can Google this stuff, but my understanding is that you divide the latency by the speed in order to get the time it takes for the RAM to do its stuff--the lower that number, I'm told, the better (although it may not make too much difference for the average user like me). Still, good RAM.


Value is the name of the game here. I only have HDDs to compare this to, and based on its performance in my build, I rate this high! I hear Samsung's 970 EVO SSD is insanely fast, and if I had the money, I'd have got one. But, alas, it's a tight budget for me. Still, I love this SSD!


Repurposed this from my Dad's old HP (God rest both their souls!), and it's not bad. For what it is, I give it top rating. I don't think it would be fair to compare it to a 7200RPM drive--apples and oranges? It's a good little drive.

Video Card

Great card with great features, except that the software is wonky. Gigabyte's lighting software is nice for the three seconds it works, then I had to spend an hour reinstalling, tweaking, etc. to get it back to "untouched" condition. I don't mess with it now, and it's fine, but it does not play nice. As for the card itself, it's very good quality, and for the price it comes with a backplate for extra heat dissipation. It works very well for games (mostly my kids playing Overwatch). I'd buy another again, but, despite having an easy look to the interface, I beg Gigabyte to make the software work better.


More like 4.5 (even 4.75). Lots of room for me building my first unit, and I had no problems or frustrations building in this case. It is sharp, and, honestly, though I wanted RGB fans, the white ones give the build a cleaner, sharper look. My complaint is the feet: There is no real grip to speak of. They slide easily on the wooden desktop I keep the PC on, and it seems they're made of plastic instead of rubber (and if they're rubber, it's closer-to-plastic-than-rubber). Still, I'd get this case again in a heartbeat!

Power Supply

I actually wish I knew more about PSUs to rate this. It's quiet and looks good through the clear side-panel (no PSU shroud on my case). Cables were a bit stiff, but all reached where they needed, and I was able to tuck and route them with no problem to speak of. Bottom line for me: It's quiet.

Optical Drive

Pulled this out of an old off-the-shelf HP, and it works as great as it did in the old machine. It's a solid unit.

Wireless Network Adapter

Much better than the Cisco USB router on my HP (which, honestly, isn't terrible). Immediate speed gains here, and Bluetooth 4.2! (The latest units have 5.0!)

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