It's always been my dream to build my own computer. I started making lists on here almost 3 years ago, and really enjoyed putting the list together. I watched and researched almost anything you can regarding computers, and other people's builds. However, being 14 at the time, I didn't have ample money for a gaming rig. I would always get so excited about having my computer, until I thought about the money problem.

Fast forward to now. I am almost 17, and I put this list together at the start of June. What started as a budget parts list lead to one upgrade (i.e. 16 GB of RAM >32 GB of RAM) which lead to a high end gaming/editing rig. Due to school I have been working summers only, and got a very good new job this year. I work in a restaurant and we get tips from a tip pool. I work 5 days a week every week and would get at least $60 in tips a night. Sure it isn't amazing but when you add that to my base pay, it's good money for a 16 year old. I did what not many people can do, especially in my age group, and saved every little bit of that money for this list. The only spending I did was on gas to work and back, and occasional small items at the store.

Yes, I blew all of my money I made this summer so far on this rig. But I think it's important to note that if you have a goal, and it has it's purpose to you, you should pursue it.

The main point of this build was 1440p gaming on ultra 100+ fps, and in the future I plan on getting in video editing and photoshop. I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out. I was afraid I would damage something in the building process, but really my only struggle was figuring out where the hell all the headers etc. were. Oh, and should I mention I didn't understand before how stressful cable management is, but after spending 2 hours on it I get the struggle.

9700K: I was indefinitely going with Intel, and already being more pricey than it's AMD equivalent, I didn't need to go with a 9900K. The 9700K was perfect for my needs, and still packs a lot of power. I successfully overclocked to 4.8ghz. I did get it to 5ghz but my radiator fans begun to speed up to max RPM and back down over and over again, even when on idle. It scared me so I went back down to 4.8 and it works like a charm.

H100i Pro: I needed a water cooler due to the overclocking I planned for, and went with a well known high rated one. So far it works like a charm and is keeping my 9700K at 35 degrees celsius idle, and 65-75 degrees under heavy load.

Asus Z390E: I went on the pricey side of motherboards because why not when your already getting high end parts. The built in IO shield is an amazing feature, and this board is very well designed and just beautiful.

Corsair Vengeance: FAST. Ram is ram but the RGB capabilities on these things is insane.

WD NVMe: Went cheap here because the Samsung was unnecessary with the additional price, especially since this is a just boot drive and for a variety of programs. Boots in 10 seconds, restarts about 15.

Kingston SSDs: It was cheaper at the time to buy too half TB SSDs rather than one 1TB, so went cheap here as well. Running these bad boys in RAID 0 for games only so if I lose everything on them I still have my save data on a cloud.

Seagate 3TB: Was going to get 2TB but I wanted to top everything off. For anything else I need to store that I don't need crazy speeds for.

ROG 2080: 2080 Ti was too expensive. Meets my expectations in perfectly and overclocking was a breeze. Paired with and Asus gsync monitor, this is 20x better than Xbox, which I've been playing on for years.

Eclipse P350x: It fit the RGB theme I had going perfect. A little hard to cable manage and fit everything but for the price it was an amazing choice.

Power Supply: Didn't blow up, now I understand why fully modular is the only way to go.

Deepcool fans: These are extremly quiet, and look amazing. About 100$ less then the Corsair ones and just as good. Automatically synced with AURA.

Monitor: This thing is amazing. At first I was going to get the TN counterpart for the lower price, but I'm glad I chose the IPS panel. Definitely think the PG279QZ is one of the best monitors on the market right now for 1440p.

Corsair Periphials: Kept the brand the same for easy RGB syncing. Keyboard is amazing. Mouse is one of the better Corsair options. Headphones aren't as good as I thought they would be but being wireless it made up for that.

Mousepad: Couldn't find a Corsair one this size, so I got the SS one. LEDs aren't the best but it tops off everything.

Cable Management: Back of the case is better than the picture now, but could still use some work. I don't care about it as much since you don't see it. I've had this desk for a year now, and it worked perfectly. It's called the Origami Desk and was cheap, yes, but the metal rods were nice to cable tie, as well as had cable sleeves behind.

I'm so glad how this turned out, and I think it should last me a few years at least. Thanks for reading, tell me what you guys think about my first build!

Part Reviews


This processor is a beast and if your main focus is gaming, it isn't worth the extra money for the 9900K. Easily overclocked to 4.8Ghz, plan on trying 5Ghz soon.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my 9700K at 35°C degrees idle, still gets a little hot under load at about 75°C. Fans aren't the quietest but it does it's job well.


Amazing BIOS, makes it easy to overclock. This has all the features you could ask for, as it should at this price range.


Fast. The RGB lights are worth the extra money just for appearance, with ICUE you can have some pretty amazing lighting affects.


Couldn't have made a better choice for a boot drive. This thing is FAST.


I picked up 2 of these to run in Raid 0. No need to buy the Evo series, the speed difference is minimal. Also no need to buy a 1 TB SSD when you can get two 480 GB ones for less, and faster using a raid array.

Video Card

This card is amazing and tears up anything I throw at it. I'm running all of my games which are all AAA titles at 150+ frames, 1440p Ultra settings. If you pick up an Asus gsync monitor as well, you won't be disappointed. Surprisingly quiet even at 100% load.


This case is beautiful, and good for first builders. Cable management was good enough. Although, I am a little disappointed there isn't enough space for a top mounted radiator. I had to front mount mine which kinda sucks if your aiming for complete airflow.

Power Supply

Hasn't blown up yet, came with every cable I needed. Fully modular is the way to go

Case Fan

These things are extremely quiet, I was honestly surprised. The RGB automatically synced with Aura, and looks awesome. These are literally $100 less then the Corsair RGB fans and are just as good. Save your money and get these.


Was going to get the TN model, but glad I didn't. Easy to navigate, overclocking to 165hz was as easy as 3 clicks of a button, viewing angles are amazing, the fact that it's Gsync is even better. Don't let the 4ms response time scare you. You won't notice a difference. This was worth the money and easily one of the best 1440p monitors money can buy.


I'm honestly in love with this thing. Look no further, it's beauty and quality is worth the money.


Amazing Corsair mouse with an insane DPI range. Customizable grips for what's best for you. If you have average size hands this mouse is perfect.


Battery lasts pretty long. Audio is crisp. Wish it had more bass though. If you have a wide head it won't fit snug, even with the adjustable band.

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