A general-purpose and occasional gaming PC I've been upgrading over the years. Started out as an Asus P5QL Pro with an Intel Pentium D, and ended up with the 4790k and a bunch of other nice things.

I tend to value peripherals a lot, hence the really nice keyboard/mouse/speakers/headphones combo on an otherwise less powerful PC, but I also think the 4790k has really held up over the years. I'm still air-cooling it and overclocking to 4.5 GHz with temps around 30°C, so I don't see the need to upgrade any time soon. I think next on the list is a GPU and/or RAM.

Had some initial problems setting up RAID on the two 2TB Seagate drives, but now it works and it's about half as fast as the SSD. Also, cable management in the case itself is a huge pain. Cases from '06 were clearly not designed to be very modular or have good cable management. Lots of Velcro ties later, I still have to leave random SATA cables out in the open. Swapping out the old spaghetti-wire PSU was definitely the way to go, though. Much cleaner overall, even if it's not perfect and kind of overkill for this build.

Gaming on this PC is quite nice. It can't run the latest games at max quality and still get good FPS (see: ancient and low-tier GPUs paired with 3 60Hz monitors), but it works great for Counter-Strike and Minecraft. On top of that, the mouse mat I use is very comfortable and Cherry MX Black keys are surprisingly nice for typing with the occasional game thrown in.

Sound quality is through the roof for a standard/gaming PC, thanks to the Klipsch speakers and the Sennheiser headphones. I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I do like things to sound nice and this thing gets the job done.

Overall, 7.5/10 PC. Low specs, great peripherals, a good overall experience. This PC is the computing equivalent of driving a slow car fast. It's good fun, it gets the job done, and you just can't bring yourself to upgrade.

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82nd Airborne! I would get an MINI ITX case if your cramped for space. 4th gene CPU still good!