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AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Esports Build

by drew4thenation


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Date Published

Aug. 19, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

3.95 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

38.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

45.0° C


To start things off, I was super interested in the Ryzen 3 2200G. I heard that it’s performance was quite admirable, so I decided to give things a try.

This build is mostly for esports titles such as Fortnite, Overwatch, DOTA 2, LOL, CS:GO, etc., so those are the titles I was attempting to run on this build (Which, let’s be honest, this is very easy to attain with this). Now this build started pretty cheap. Got the 2200G, got a B350 Motherboard, power supply, 8GB of 2666 Ballistix, the simple stuff. But then...Newegg deals attacked.

So here we are, 4 months later. I now have the R3 2200G, 8GB DDR4-3000 Team Delta RGB RAM (I initially had the one stick of ram but I wanted to game, and Ryzen works much better in dual channel configuration), Asus ROG Strix B450-F Motherboard, Deepcool Earlkase RGB (White), EVGA BR 500W 80+ Bronze Power Supply, Silicon Power 128GB SSD, AIGO AIO T240 CPU Cooler (240mm), 3 Pack AIO Aurora Case Fans, and a 2TB WD Caviar Blue HDD.

I’m very happy with the way it turned out. While it was suppose to be $350, I couldn’t ignore the AIGO AIO Cooler and Fans, and the case was one I wanted to try. All in all, I’m pleased barely breaking $500 after tax.

Lemme know what you guys think! Thanks!

Part Reviews


For the price, it is an exceptional budget chip. Seeing how it pretty much out performs the R3 lineup completely, and even performs on par with the R5 1400, I'd say this is one of the best chips that you can currently get if you're going for a budget build. I got mine clocked to 3.95 Ghz, and it runs like a beast. I love this thing.


Ah, the first review. What can I say? What can I NOT say? This board is astounding. Prior to this board, I had the Asus B350 ROG Strix, and I loved that board. This one takes what that one did, and amplified it ten-fold. The RGB colors on the mohterboard make me drool. I mean, RGB make sjust about everyone go crazy. While I do lvoe the RGB, the main focus is the ease of the BIOS, overclocking on the motherboard, and just how low of temps it has. Mine is running 37C idle, and averaging about 40-45C with normal load. I love it.

If you are looking at this motherboard and if you are questioning whether to buy it, then do it. Absolutely buy this board. I was skeptical at first, but onceI got everything set up, and turned on, I fell in love.


Cons: None so far


Speedy and quick While i like the color, I feel like they need something else.

PROS: Speed, reliability CONS: Needs more color options


It booted my PC in 15 seconds. Sounds good to me.


Normal 2TB stuff. I like it yo.


Okay, this was tricky for me.

This case was a wonder to work in. It has class, elegance, and it looks different from normal cases. Now what annoyed me was the cable management. Good Lord, this thing is a nightmare. I'm not sure where the cables would go, so I spent about 4 hours wiring and meticulously routing them to where they wouldn't show, and they still can be seen. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a wiring genie, but I'm decent enough. Now another thing that i disliked was how there is that big vented siding on the inside of the case. It takes away from the appeal of being able to mount a radiator on the front. Instead, the top was my only option. And on top of that, you can't even see my RGB fans because they're behind this damn wall thing.

PROS: Lovely looking case, exterior is visually appealing CONS: Cable management, wall-thing, feels cheap.

Power Supply

Very nice budget PSU. Would recommend.

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aferr1973 1 Build 3 points 8 months ago

Very nice build! I built my 2200G about a month ago and for $400 it is pretty impressive. Only issue I have is my 3200 memory won’t clock higher than 2400, but I am running the APU @ 1500mhz with stock cooling. I started playing PUBG lately and I’m able to play it on very low settings so I think eventually I’ll drop in a GPU maybe a 1060 once the prices drop with the new cards coming out.

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago


aferr1973 1 Build 2 points 8 months ago

Thanks! How was your experience with getting your ram to run at higher clock speeds? Were you able just to configure the XMP profile for a set speed, or did you have to configure specific timings in your BIOS? What memory speed are you currently? I learned that Ryzen is very ram specific as I tried various steps and still cannot get this specific GSkill memory to run higher than 2400.

[comment deleted]
aferr1973 1 Build 2 points 8 months ago

Nice! I tried the recommended timings from the Ryzen DRAM calculator, but I was unable to get anything stable beyond 2400. I have Hynix based ram and from what I hear it is hard to get that ram to overclock. Did you also use Ryzen DRAM calculator for your timings, or did you have another source? Before I look to buy different ram I want to see if I can get this to run somewhat higher than 2400.

[comment deleted]
[comment deleted]
[comment deleted]
drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

Yeah, I think I’ll eventually add one of the new RX Cards when they come out. Maybe the 1050 3GB or something else snazzy and new. Who knows!

Solewaif 1 Build 2 points 8 months ago

I don't think you put the right part in for your HDD. In the picture you have a 2 TB Caviar Blue but in the list your have a 750 GB Caviar Black. All that aside great esport build.

+1 for size comparison plant

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

I didn't even notice that lol. I guess I added the wrong info. Thanks for that! It is now changed, thanks to you Solewaif.

And thanks! His name is Eustece

Tetsuclaw 5 Builds 2 points 8 months ago

Part list shows dual channel ram, most of the pics shows single channel ram, last pic shows it may be running off of dual channel but it is hard to see......

I hope you are on dual channel ram as integrated graphics benefits a LOT from dual channel over single channel. Other than that nice build.

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

Lol I am running dual. I gotta upload new pictures today ;p

sponix 6 Builds 2 points 8 months ago

Very Nice

Tingus 2 points 8 months ago

Happy to see a reasonable build rather than another overkill box.

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 2 points 8 months ago

Thanks man :)

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 2 points 8 months ago

I feel the same way haha

willb54 2 Builds 2 points 8 months ago

Nice build! Those aigo fans look pretty nice, how noisy are they?

[comment deleted]
[comment deleted]
LoLerScholar 2 Builds 2 points 8 months ago

Nice! I went with a R3 2200g as well and am pretty happy with it. Enjoy.

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 2 points 8 months ago

I love it!

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 2 points 8 months ago

Yeah, this thing is nice. It;s such a good deal too for price and performance.

Cool_ice 2 points 8 months ago

the first person to do a build on this mobo looks great!

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

Thank you so much! And while you mention that, this mobo looks absolutely astounding in person. 5/5, no question!

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

Hey, thanks mate! Check out the first review by me too ;)

slumbdog 1 Build 2 points 8 months ago

How is the Mobo to work with? I picked it up as eBay had a 15% off everything sale. I know the brand has good history, but the B450s are brand new, so I'm interested in how you found it.

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

I find it exceptional. I'm running on it now, and I'm currently downloading many files and running benchmarks. As of this far though, it's idling around 37 C, 45 C for light gaming, and 52 C whenever I'm playing something too intense for the 2200G to handle. The color on it is gorgeous, and it has plenty of SATA ports. I like this mobo a lot,

slumbdog 1 Build 2 points 8 months ago

That's really good news. I'm waiting on some price tracking for some other parts, but looking forward to the build already. Thanks for the reply.

Critical_diamondz 2 points 7 months ago

Question how much fan headers does this motherboard have

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 7 months ago

Oh gosh. Um. There’s 2 RGB Aura headers (Which you can put RGB fans on). Then besides that, you can attach 4 fans. But I also have a fan hub so I can attach a lot more fans than that.

ISoloLlama 2 points 5 months ago

more pictures inside the case please

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 5 months ago

I’ll have my brother send me some and I will upload!

ISoloLlama 1 point 5 months ago


carlospcmac 2 points 5 months ago

Nicely done and a nice presentation!

JaronHop 1 point 6 months ago

did you include a graphics card with this build?

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 6 months ago

I did not. I was going to but I got very good performance out of it. Currently I’ve equipped it with an RX 580 ROG Strix. Everything is way better now haha

JaronHop 2 points 6 months ago

Interesting, what games do you play on it?

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 6 months ago

Well I tested a couple of games on it. Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, R6S, Rise of the Tomb Raider, CS:GO, Warframe, Smite, LoL, and for the giggles, Witcher 3. Plays them all decently, and I averaged 60fps, but with reduced settings. But I have a nice monitor so I couldn’t complain much, especially coming from a terrible older monitor lol. I mostly play Overwatch and Fortnite on this though. And considering those are optimized games, they play well on this.

JaronHop 2 points 6 months ago

Interesting, do you think it is worth it to upgrade the CPU and GPU on your build?

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 5 months ago

It’s questionable. I actually received a Titan XP Galactic Empire Edition through eBay and decided to see if the CPU would bottleneck it. Long story short, I played Fortnite with a high FPS of 576 in loading screen, and an average of 299 on the lobby; 186 in game, with it dipping to 138 in build fights. But I did the same test with my recently upgraded R5 2600, and the FPS for that increased, on average, about 11.5% per each category, excluding the load and lobby screen.

Grant_99 1 point 5 months ago

Are you able to keep the ram as one color or is it always rainbow. If you can keep it one color could you see if it stays red? Thx

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 5 months ago

Yes. It works with Aura Sync and you can change it as you please. Static, Wave, Rainbow, Comet, etc. it’s actually brighter in person than in the picture, but you can change that as well!

Lasezz 1 point 14 days ago

Didn’t really need an AIO. The stock cooler is actually decent(totally not throwing shade at intel).you could’ve added either an extra 8 gbs of ram. You could even had gotten the cheaper r3 1200 which has twice the pcie lanes and paired it with something like an rx 570 or even a 1060

drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 12 days ago

Yeah, I could’ve used the stock cooler, but I just wanted to us an AIO. And this was just a build that I ended up passing to my brother and he upgraded it with an RX 580 and changed the AIO for a Noctua cooler.

Lasezz 2 points 10 days ago


[comment deleted by staff]
drew4thenation submitter 2 Builds 1 point 7 months ago

Thanks! I tried to work with the price, and eventually ended with this. But, I am in the works of upgrading this system to a $1000 build. So be on the lookout for that!

[comment deleted by staff]