Since this was my first PC build, quite frankly ever, it took a lot of time. The hardest part for me was getting the motherboard to fit under the rear fan and slide into the io shield. Another step that stressed me out was mounting the cpu cooler on the cpu, the instructions were unclear and confusing (it consisted of poorly drawn pictures with no information at all.

As everyone reading this is probably alarmed with the fact that my gpu was 250 USD it was because I purchased it used for a phenomenal deal off of EBay (I did research its okay). As well as the gpu and almost every other part I purchased them under some kind of deal or sale, my dad always says "If you purchase tech that's retail price it's not worth it", he was right. Everything was bought on a deal whether it was on Amazon Prime deal or various Newegg promotions or even Black Friday.

I am 15 so making money was very difficult so I had to save for months and work to wash cars and do yard work for my neighbors as well as officiate youth sports games. Moreover, it was a grind I loved every bit of it and it was well worth the time and money.

Part Reviews


Amazing in every way

Only thing is the mobo bios is confusing to OC

CPU Cooler

Good deal, Good Temps

VERY VERY difficult to mount by yourself, I mean it was like building a rocket ship (i don't know if I am just dramatic or dumb either way it was hard)


bios is okay Oc is hard on it It looks nice i guess


Often overlooked for being cheap but it's amazing

Video Card

Amazing GPU great looking, easy to OC with I would highly recommend purchasing this used


Good price the RGb fans don't look that great but for the price I can't complain Was a little difficult to build in

Power Supply

No problems, easy to use, cheap, no complaints.


Great looking, cheap, the colors don't look that great Menu is a little bit confusing


Amazing keyboard overall, a little to expensive but if you have the money highly recommend!


What can I say, this is the best mouse out there that's under 100 dollars.

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  • 13 months ago
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Nice build, I had a very similar story as you, basically Im a broke teen who couldn't buy parts full price. I bought my MSI 1080ti for 375 off a guy on Craigslist that was trying to get quick cash to pay some bills or something haha, no crypto mining or anything, anyways just a few things about your build that I would change maybe. The Case, the keyboard, and the monitor. If you can I would always try and stay away from acrylic, and plastic bodies for the case. They feel cheap, don't look as good, or last as long as a metal/tempered glass case, This is why I bought a Phanteks P300 for 50 dollars. The Keyboard, If you were going budget, why spend so much on a keyboard? I understand if it's a must have but you could have gotten it used somewhere for a lot cheaper, it's still 125.00 on Amazon right now. And the last piece, the monitor. My friend bought the same exact one, and he said he didn't like the colors or the stand and I wanted to go cheaper, so I bought my monitor through newegg open box insignia, the best buy brand 24" fully articulating stand with vertical screen support, for 120. and it's 144hz. The Monitor and the Keyboard aren't really that big of deals, just little tweaks I wouldve made, thanks for sharing your build.

  • 13 months ago
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thanks for the input! I completely agree and fully understand what you are trying to say about the keyboard, case, and monitor. The case does feel a little cheap, it works fine for me nevertheless (first upgrade in my mind). However I think that you would need to spend a little bit more on a keyboard because that’s quite frankly the thing you use the most often, that’s why i didn’t ‘cheap out’ on it (and i’m very fond of logitech periphals). The monitor was a deal I got it for 150 and true the colors aren’t that great but I have never seen any other monitor (since this is my first pc). Anyways I really appreciate the input!

  • 13 months ago
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Hey man, nice first build.

I thought that I would mention that the fan you have mounted on your radiator at the rear of the case looks to be set to intake rather than exhaust. This isn't a massive problem but it might be worth flipping that around and using it to expel the hot air from the case rather than drawing air in.

A typical setup might be x2 fans at the front set to intake and that one at the back set to exhaust. Assuming you have two at the front that is, can't really tell from the images... If this was intentional then never mind but you might find it cooler in there to make the above amendments.

  • 13 months ago
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Really appreciate the concern! When installing I was torn between which way was intake and exhaust and when I put my hand on the back of the rad I felt air being pulled in, I don’t know if the fan is designed differently or I’m just completely wrong but as you can see I get incredible temps even though I don’t run demanding games (only CSGO, Overwatch, and Fortnite)

  • 13 months ago
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Well it's a set-up that does sometimes work, just not your typical one... If it's working for you, don't change a thing! :D