I use the machine primarily for video editing and video games and general browsing. So far it's a pretty solid system but it looks like my i7 is no longer relevant so I can't upgrade the motherboard to anything modern.

Part Reviews


This processor has been a champ since the day I bought it, compared to anything that's on the market now. It's really nothing special, I've never overclocked it or abused it. I never really got into enthusiast pc building early on because if it's not broke why try to break it. This is known as a Lynnwood processor, and was on the verge of being old technology when I purchased it. Ivy bridge was just around the corner and I just hopped onto the market to take advantage of the price.

Till this day this processor still does an excellent job at day to day tasks, photoshop, the newest videogames. It's a shame that it's almost impossible to find a motherboard online for it. I am sure the local trade shows have plenty of back stock for me to rummage through if I ever wanted to fully unlock the potential of this thing. But other than that I cannot complain for the 6 years this thing has run without a hitch. It will be retired from my main rig into a media capture/nas rig.

CPU Cooler

I originally had an air cooled processor and decided to buy this thing for whatever reason. All the cool kids were doing it, I actually was having no problems at all with my fan cooler, but the case that the computer used to be in didn't have proper dust filters. So the zalman cooler I previously had kept getting very grimy, I felt it wasn't cooling the machine as best as it could have. On top of the fact I was trying to run dual video cards so my computer was possibly overheating, I didn't want to risk the processor being the epicenter so I just threw this on. It's worked flawlessly since.


The motherboard originally was part of a package deal from NewEgg when I was building my computer and recommended this. I did some reviews of it on Guru3d before making my final decision, I still feel like I got the wrong board. Apparently reviews were all 50/50 with this piece. Some people said it was a great board, others complained about issues with the bios, there have been times where the cmos just randomly resets itself over the years and I have to go in and fix my boot configuration. But for the most part it's been a stable piece of equipment. It really didn't handle crossfire gaming too well, I ran to 5770's from ati on it and constantly got blue screens. I eventually wanted to return to dual card configs or have that flexibility, but with the video card I have in the computer now, I don't think there is any way this could possibly handle another 980ti, much less could the processor.

So many better options available at the time, I just ran what was convenient. This still is bottlenecked and doesn't have usb 3.1 only a few usb 2.0 spots, subpar onboard audio, really isn't a powerhouse, but it's stable.


Solid memory at a cheap price, my only complaint is that I can't run anymore than 16 gb on this board. So I went from quad channel to a dual channel setup, rendering seems about the same when I had about 8gb spread in 4's on the mobo.

But the machine over all seems a bit more stable, windows 10 sometimes acts in an slow manner handling some processes. Still I've always had great luck with OCZ and their prices are always lower than the more popular brand names.


This was my very first SSD purchased around 219 dollars when the tech was new. At this point I don't even know why I keep it in my computer advertised read speeds up-to roughly 280 MB/sec and write performance at roughly 260+. I use it as a scratch disk from time to time for premiere so it doesn't take up any other resources, but I don't feel like it's as fast as the vertex 4 running the computer at this point. Again OCZ great company, solid products. This drive is still reading/writing like a champ.


This is the current C drive of my machine, sequential reads at 535MB/s -> 550MB/s and writes at 200MB/s -> 420MB/s which is almost double the performance of my original ssd and the capacity as well. This was a no brainer purchase for upgrading the storage. Thankfully due to image backup software drive mirroring was a 5-10 minute process.

This guy has run pretty solidly since. I can't really complain, although there are plenty of other alternatives on the market now which are way faster. It's just crazy to see how this technology has evolved.


A lot of hype behind these drives, Samsung has some proprietary software which you can install basically that unlocks some features of of the random r/w


For the price, and the time I've bought it, this was a great value. Although you can get 4tb now for almost 100 more dollars. This was a lot of storage even for myself. Drive has performed great since it's initial purchase.

Video Card

Just like every other 980ti that's out there, it's just a reference card with a manufacturer overclock and flair. Performs about 10-15% better than the normal 980's I believe. Card is great looking, and fairly quiet.

You can hear the secondary fan spool up when needed depending on how bad you're hammering the card. For high steady loads, the sound is more tolerable and less noticeable as opposed to when the fan starts up from a dead stop.


I want to give this case a higher rating, because it's got a usb 3.1 capable front panel, for the most part is a tool free cage minus the motherboard, is great about the cables, and the carrying handle on the top is great if you need to pick the case up and move it a lot. For a mid tower it really has more space than I need but it's inconvenience is in the shape of the side panels. They come out a bit so you can mount fans on the side of the grated area, and on the other side it just matches aesthetics, there really is no functional reason for the shape on the right side of the case.

I have a standing desk with a computer cradle and the computer sides lopsided in it because of the weird shaped side panels. There is no option from corsair to buy replacement side panels that aren't flat, otherwise I'd keep it.

Power Supply

Rock solid buy, my first modular power supply, the cables are sleeved but still have the red/black/yellow sticking out on the ends. I've seen quite a few enthusiasts make comments about it. But other than that you really can't complain about this thing getting it's job done.

Operating System

It's stable, I'll give it that, but I feel maybe my system is a bit too old to fully optimize this operating system. I'll get random function hangs, my scanner no longer works due to no existing twain drivers. But other than that it seems to boot faster than windows 7.

Case Fan

it's a fan, nothing to write home about. It's pretty quiet and at full speed it's barely audible, not as horrible as some I've owned in the past.

Fan Controller

For the price, this thing is pretty rad. It gives a simple readout of my system's temps and lets me adjust the fan speed on the fly if need be for individual fans.


pretty good for an ips panel, I've had it for quite some time now. It's not that great for gaming, but it's awesome for movies due to the 16:10 ratio. Which again makes it not so ideal for gaming especially if you capture footage, you'll end up with black bars on the edges of your videos.


Very easy to modify the settings, very heavy, I prefer the black widow stealth tournament edition, I just couldn't see the keys in the dark.


I would trade every razer mouse I've ever owned for one of these. The lock for the infinite scroll wheel is key for browsing, I feel the mouse has a better feel than most razer items I've owned. (diamondback, copperhead, death adder, mamba) The fact you can adjust the weight of the mouse, it has different profiles you can load up and you can add different levels of adjust-ability to the dpi to really fine tune this thing.

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  • 49 months ago
  • 2 points

Hello! I am talking to someone about getting a computer with an i7-870, custom cooler, mobo, and RAM for free. I was looking at pairing the i7-870 with a GTX 980, and was wondering how well the 870 performs for you.

  • 49 months ago
  • 1 point

Sorry for the late response bud, the 870 is still stoic for gaming man. I really just started getting build envy from all the you tubers and went full ****** with my new system. The only real issue you're going to have with an 870 is it's almost impossible to find a replacement motherboard online for it. It's dead architecture so once it goes it goes.

But for as long as it will run it is pretty good at playing triple a titles especially with a 980 or 980ti. I had been previously running with a gtx 770OC for a few years and played grand theft auto v with decently high settings. I cannot complain my friend.

  • 49 months ago
  • 2 points

Awesome! The motherboard that comes with it is a fairly good motherboard, so that's good! Thanks!

  • 47 months ago
  • 1 point

Razer doesn't sell Astro's. That's why they won't give you replacement parts. Don't know why you thought they would.. Maybe some replacements from Astro. The guys who make and sell that headset.

  • 47 months ago
  • 1 point

It was most likely a typo somewhere, I'll have to go back and look. I know razer doesn't sell astro's. Astro won't sell you the replacement parts.

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

Gotta ask, are you experiencing any bottlenecks?

  • 34 months ago
  • 2 points

I gave this machine away to a friend, the cpu definitely was a bottleneck, and only being able to have 16gb of ram.

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for sharing, bud. Enjoyed reading the description and part reviews!