Backstory I have been on HP Proliant MicroServer Gen 8 for quite some time and I felt upgrade was needed. I've started on my researching adventure 1 month ago and I've been watching a lot of videos and reading a lot on forums about desktop platform in server role.

Reason for building server I've decided to upgrade cause Pentium on server was underpowered for Hyper-V and Windows Server 2012 R2 struggled a lot. I built this server to replace my old one which had duties of Virtualization Server, File Server, Plex Media Server, Print Server, Backup server (Backing up my PC's with their RAID 0 drives) etc.

Buying Parts On March 29th I went to the store with hopes it will have everything I need. I went into shop with 1000 euros that I have been collecting since July 2017. I started looking for processor and then I saw my obvious pick and it was Ryzen 7 1700 with 8 cores and 16 threads there was nothing better for my needs except refurbished Xeon's. After picking my processor I started looking for motherboard, There were a lot of B350 motherboards which I didn't bother with cause I was looking X370 with its 8 SATA ports & 3 PCI-e slots. Then I saw it, the Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K5 with discount of 50% off, I in none second grabbed last motherboard avaliable and settled it was my choice. Next was memory which there was a lot but Kingston 2x 8 GB DDR4 @ 2400 MHz was cheapest one with heatsink, it ended up costing 120 eur which was pretty cheap cause of 33% discount. Drives were pulled out of old server so no bothering or spending money on that. Graphics Card was cheapest just to kick out image for Windows Server 2012 R2 and R5 230 happend to be cheapest one with VGA, DVI & HDMI connector which was required for my requirments. Next were network adapters, I was supposed to buy Intel Dual Port 1 GBit NIC but it was out of stock and I could not wait so I bought 3x TP-Link TG-3468 which were on discount for 40% off for existing customers who had the member card which I gladly used. PSU & Case are from my brothers old rig so that was additional saving.

Building Server It was pretty straight forward to build server after watching crap tone of videos where they build Ryzen-based computers. It took me 5 hours to build it cause I got modified case with dust filters so that lowers downtime. Cable managment in this thing is absolute joke cause there was none room for cable managment.

Installing server This was absolutely trickiest part while setting up new server. Installation was pretty straight forward but encountered a lot of problems with Intel LAN chip on mobo cause of Intel's OS lock (Intel's NIC on mobo refused to install drivers on Windows Server 2012 R2) so fast forward an hour later I was up and running with all drivers then it took another 5 hours to deploy and configure server roles.

Conclusion I am very happy with server and pretty satisfied, I got what I paid for and I learned a lot of new things during this little adventure that helped me to understand AM4 platform and the way it is working

Part Reviews


Good processor, would buy it again


Taking off one star cause of weird boot issues that were fixed by later BIOS update & Intel NIC issue on Win Server, overall good mobo.


Memory is a memory, can't complain it works without problems, easy OC to 2666 MHz


Very fast Boot Drive, must have from now on in server.


Holds 4 years already, no problem very very good drive for servers.


Has my Plex Library, great drive.


Holds my Hyper-V VM's, pretty fast boot times in VM's, good drive.

Video Card

No driver issues, throws out image and works.

Wired Network Adapter

Extremely good for price I got.

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  • 14 months ago
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You honestly would have been better off with the r7 integrated graphics. Regardless, +2

  • 21 months ago
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Hi, Can you tell me how you got around the Intel mobo driver issue? I'm trying to do the same thing here.