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1. Brief Overview

2. Overview/Review of Individual Parts

3. Benchmarks

1. Brief Overview

So, this PC has come a long way since I bought it two years ago, almost to the exact day. (03/01/16)

Originally the PC was named Project Greenlight back when I got it because it was accompanied with a couple green LED fans as well as a little green LED strip. It came equipped with an FX-6300 and the basic stock cooler, a Zotac 750 Ti, a cheap plastic-ey case, and a PSU that I still shudder at the sight of.

Over time, I bought parts to make the PC acceptable to show off to the people of PCPP. I started by upgrading the PSU to an EVGA BQ 850W, 80+ Bronze (however, according to professional reviews, it does reach 80+ Silver ratings) power supply. Extremely overkill for what I was/am running but better to be overkill than cutting it close.

I then decided to upgrade the case, and decided to stick with the mATX form-factor and picked up the Thermaltake Core V21. Definitely a great case, however, it's on the list of upcoming upgrades once I'm up to Ryzen or Coffee Lake, basically just because it's warping from heat output and it's cable management isn't a very fun experience.

Last February, I upgraded the old 750 Ti to an RX 470. My performance doubled or even tripled in games. I love the hell out of it but it's only negative is the fact that ASUS decides to override my settings and turn on the 0 RPM fan mode which turns off my front intake fan (Using the 4-pin header on the front of the GPU as I ran out of headers.) At the same time, I also upgraded to an H100i v2 from Corsair to get overclocking onto my system. Arguably the two best upgrades in this system's history.

Other upgrades (albeit not major) occurred in the time. I got an SSD, upgraded my keyboard and mouse, traded my old 750 Ti for a pair of headphones, and picked up an external drive for whatever reason. I finally upgraded to 144Hz in November and I'll never go back. And then, a couple months ago, I finally decided to cave in and buy some RGB items for my PC. Many competitors showed up but Corsair prevailed in both categories.

And that's how Project Aurora came to be.

2. Overview/Review of Individual Parts


The FX-6300 is a good CPU but it's definitely showing it's old age. It's basically the Carson Palmer (little analogy for you football fans) of CPUs, it's capable but there are many options that would beat it in any trait.

CPU Cooler:

The Corsair H100i v2 is a great all-around liquid cooler. Keeps the FX-6300 really cool and makes little noise, even more so with my HD120s.


As time went on, this motherboard started really getting on my nerves. The PCI slot that I bought a wireless adapter for is blocked by any 2-slot GPU. It also has no SATA 3 ports, which is really aggravating and is currently bottlenecking my SSD.


It's RAM. I need it to run the PC. Nothing else to say.


I have a typical SSD/HDD combo rolling, SSD for fast loads, HDD for lots of loads. Unfortunately can't give a true review on performance because they're being bottlenecked by the SATA 2 speeds.


Oh man, I love the RX470. Perfect GPU for what I'm playing, runs really quiet (when the fans actually run), looks really nice, and the RGB STRIX logo is a nice addition.


I love the Core V21 but after less than a year, I noticed it was starting to warp on the front panel from heat. It also has mediocre cable management for a lazy ******* like me.


Hasn't blown up yet. Got it for like 60% of normal price from Best Buy.


I hate Windows updates.


Oh my lord, I absolutely love the HD120s. Really quiet even at high speeds, great on radiators, they look absolutely beautiful, etc. Only negative is the cable management nightmare since there is 2 cables from each fan, plus the 2 from the controller to the Node Pro and for SATA power.


I can't recommend this monitor enough. If you want a 1080p/144Hz monitor and hate the mud puddle colors from TNs, this monitor is the only option. It's 27" brother looks really nice too.


Everyone I mentioned this keyboard instantly screamed, "Eww, I hate Romer-Gs." and it actually negatively affected my view on the keyboard but after about 35 seconds, I realized this keyboard is still 100x better than my old Razer keyboard.


I can't recommend another wireless mouse except maybe the G903 which is basically a space-ship version of the G403 with like 20,000 buttons which I don't care for or need.


The Hesh 2s are pretty good headphones. They drown out any outside noise very well and sound good enough for what I got for them. (750 Ti)

3. Benchmarks

  • Cinebench: 350cb (yes, that's bad)
  • Prime95: Ran successfully for 1 hour without a hitch.
  • PUBG: 75FPS-100FPS
  • CS:GO: 200FPS-250FPS (excluding Dust II, due to weird FPS drops)
  • Overwatch: 110FPS-130FPS
  • R6: Siege: 75-100FPS

Part Reviews

Video Card

Screw you, miners. I got this baby at MSRP and it's worth it and more. Amazing performance for the ORIGINAL price.

Case Fan

Necessary? No. Do I care? Also no. I spent $74 to turn my PC into a gay bar, and it was actually worth it.


Absolutely amazing. 144Hz, great colors, the slight curvature, etc. It all adds up and makes it an amazing monitor. Might be placebo but I've noticed my performance in shooters like CS:GO, PUBG, etc. go up. My rank in CS has improved to MG1.

Only negatives I have with it is the stand being much bigger than it needs to be, and it can't print money.


AMAZEBALLS! Some people don't like Romer-Gs, but man I love them. Not to mention, the keyboard looks professional while still maintaining the stupid RGB that I love.


Got this bad boy for half price, I'd buy this mouse even if it was $100. MAJOR improvement over my Razer Mamba TE, the wireless feels just as responsive as wired mode, and it has subtle RGB so my theme is matched.


Sounds really good, teammates usually understand me (lol CS Russians) and it comes with the necessary accessories.


Necessary? No. Do I care? Also no. I spent $50 to turn my PC into a gay bar, it was actually worth it.


I almost bought a Design Lab controller but then saw this bad boy. The subtle green is awesome.

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  • 27 months ago
  • 1 point

It kills me to see the water block on the CPU with that orientation. I almost had to do the same with mines because I really wanted to mount it on top as well, but the front it is just because I couldn't do it. Otherwise, cute little box and seems like you're getting all the mileage you can with some of the older parts.

  • 27 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, it originally conflicted with something (might've just been tubing being damn near impossible to bend at the time) so I put it upside down. I'll fix it whenever I get to upgrade to Ryzen/Coffee Lake.

  • 18 months ago
  • 1 point

I actually have almost the same headset, just in a different color. I swear once you make the switch to wireless headsets, there’s literally no going back