Ryzen mid/upper-level build for Adobe lightroom/photoshop, video editing (4k footage), and gaming.

Performance Comments:

Extremely happy with my results. Lightroom operates instantly on all adjustments. The SSD and Ryzen combo is awesome. Gaming is great too, very fast and stable at very high/max settings. No stability concerns with overclock, no heat concerns after thorough stress testing. There's certainly room for a more aggressive overclock, but I was happy with what I achieved with minimal effort.

Part Reviews


Extremely easy overclock. Simply increased core ratio to 36 to get 3.6 GHz, saw a nice performance bump with no other tweaks (stock voltages). Stock cooler manages heat nicely, never above 61C on a 1 hour prime95 burn test.


No complaints, easy install, BIOS stable. Would be nice to have P-state support though.


Does what it's supposed to. I decided to stay at 2400 Hz for stability


No issues, this was the cheapest one I could find in stock in the 1 TB range


I'm running two 4GB HDD setup to use ReFS using windows storage spaces. This setup mirrors each drive, and crosschecks each file against the copy on the other drive, automatically repairing corruption. I use this storage space for by photo backups (over 70 000 images). Note that windows didn't want to set up the ReFS storage space initially. I had to use SeaTools to "erase boot sectors" on both my HDD. After that everything worked well.

Video Card

GPU - GTX 1060 6GB offers substantial value for price. Unless you're planning on really pushing settings to the absolute max on heavy demand new releases, this will be a good choice. I'm running Far Cry 4 at maximum settings at 80fps with no problems.

This variant looks pretty sharp as well.


My favorite component in my build. Super high quality, excellent cable management, thick insulated side panels, good fans, and very quiet. Very impressive value. 6 stars.

Power Supply

Modular design is awesome for cable management.

Optical Drive

Works well. A little loud, but can't beat the price.

Wireless Network Adapter

Easy install, super stable, nice magnetic antenna

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RAM working at its full capacity?

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Hey there, not sure I understand what you mean. Can you rephrase?