This is my first personal build. I chose the Corsair 400C case. Then decided to purchases 460x front panel from Corsair official website.

And it's quite cool!!!!!!

You don't need to do any mods to put on the panel. And it looks dope.

I purchase the 1080 ti last year, so the price is acceptable.

Should go for 8700k, but at that time. I did not know z270 is not compatible with 8th gen Intel core. God damn, Intel.

And the liquid cooling looks like not necessary due to cpu can't oc. But rgb air cooler is so big!!!!!! Anyway, the system works great and I love the HD fans!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gigabyte MB is kind tricky.

400C is kind small.

Can't push liquid cooler on top side, because rgb vengeance is too big.

It's kind hard to do the cable management because the case is not that big.

Suggest go for 570x or same size. if you go for liquid cooling and 1080 ti.

1080ti is so damn big. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I feel like 8700k with 1080 would be a better choice.

Part Reviews


i got it from a deal with is only $200. brefore 8th gen come out Now 8600k is better

CPU Cooler

good stuff. but does not really like its cpu cover


good price. durable. and nice rgb lights


too big!. otherwise it's perfect


nice!!!!!!!!! fast!~


nice and fast work with samsung fast boost technology

Video Card

too big and too heavy. go for hybrid if you have enough money


a little big small

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  • 20 months ago
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Nice build, But those scratch marks on the acrylic side window :(. Im so glad I bought the 460X version instead

  • 18 months ago
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Hey just a question.

your water riing 3.0 looks to be case, fan then radiator. Drawing from outside through the radiator into the case. all the other builds I have seen is case, radiator then fan. Drawing the heat up through the fans into the radiator and then out. how easy was that to install as I am looking to do a set up like yours as it seems to be the most efficient form of cooling.