This is the result of my desire for a system with better thermals than my mini-ITX system from a few months back. Along the way, I had to sell off my precious 2080 Ti and replace it with a 1080, but thats alright as the performance is still great and I certainly dont mind medium settings in my games at 1440p 144hz.
Part of the point of the build was thermals for not just my CPU, but also my GPU. This was best accomplished with a custom loop, yet typical loop components cost an arm and a leg. My Idea was to build a cheap, yet fairly reliable and decent loop. I did actually purchase hardline (primochill PETG) but due to time constraints, decided to just use some soft vinyl tubing for now. This build is kind of a demonstration that you can indeed build a full custom loop PC for relatively cheap. all of the custom loop components cost me just about $210 USD. this technically does not include the GPU block, but that is because the card I got was a model with a preinstalled one. to be fair though, the GTX 1080 only ended up costing me $305, which is very reasonable considering air cooled models typically go for $320-350. I know the tubing is a bit meh and the overall aesthetic could be a bit better, but for the price, I think its pretty solid and the temperatures back that up. idle in my 22 C room is about 27 C.

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