Pictures to come. We needed a relatively simple PC build to run some Q-PCR software in the lab. I previously built A CAD Workstation desktop for the engineering team in my company and figured why not build an inexpensive but efficient machine for the Genomics team as well. This build is basic, im aware, wont be demanding many hardcore programs but will run what its intended to run.

The cable management because slightly messy when I realized that the tint of the acrylic panel was so dark that the interior was barely visible so I didn't care as much.

I built it in under an hour and 20 minutes, which I was excited about- although ran into a few hiccups after. The big issue was installing the Windows 10. In the past i've always purchased the windows 10 USB pre-installed and popped that badboy in when booting. Generally, its always worked seamlessly and never gave me any issues. This time was different. I was suspicious that the only one I could find on amazon prime was $140 when its normally $119. The reviews were 4 stars so it didn't seem too bad so I decided to order it. It came promptly and looked like every other Windows 10 USB i've received. When doing the initial re-boot, I noticed the 'sending files' screen was stuck for about an hour without any movement. I ended up shutting down the pc and reattempting it. The second time it seemed to work itself through to where I decided to do go with 64-bit or 32 bit, in which I chose my 64 and continued and thats where the real nightmare started. Every time soon after I began to install I would receive a fatal error code suggesting 'missing kernal' or corrupted files. I re-tried the installation several dozen times because I decided to say 'eff it' and go back and read the reviews on amazon. Where I decided to click the one-star ratings which they made appear as if there were only a few but to my surprise there were hundreds of hidden complaints of receiving corrupted files. Since the files were corrupted I assumed the activation key code should at least work, so I dug around in the office at work and found the windows 10 usb from a previous build I had done. I decided to try that USB but use the newly purchased key code for the one who was corrupted. That USB seemed to work at first and let me put in the activation key code, but always haulted at 26% installing and gave an error about a memory issue and wouldn't install. I was terrified it was a hardware issue, so I finagled the BIOS, swapped out my Ram and Finally, I said eff this again and bought a brand new usb and code from the local walmart and it worked first heads up lol

Part Reviews


A bit flimsy which made me a bit uncomfortable at first, but so far so good. Nice Micro-ATX board!


I LOOOOVE THIS CASE. I wish I had used it for my first build, I would consider converting to micro-atx just to use this again. Its beautiful to work in with amazing space behind the MOBO for HDD/SSD and cables. The modular feature makes it really unique to work with and the magnetic dust filters are easy and aesthetic. My only complaint, which really isnt a complaint but a personal preference is that the acrylic side panel is a little too tinted for me. I enjoy having clear side panels so that I can enjoy looking at the inside, but even with 3 LED fans it seems a bit darker than expected. Still amazing.

Power Supply

Cant go wrong with semi-modular ! So far so good

Wireless Network Adapter

Piece of **** and never worked. Had to return instantly. Do not recommend.


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