I built this machine for gaming. I've been saving money for along time to build something decent. Not top notch as you can see, but decent. That is the very first time I build a system, and by the time I started I didn't know squat about anything. It took me many days reading this portal and others to start having an idea of what I wanted. Naturally, I'm still no expert. As Jack the ripper would say: let's go part by part:

CPU Intel was out of my budget. The new Ryzen technology has been praised, so I though "oh well... why not?". I don't use the PC only for gaming. I also edit photos and videos, so... seems like Ryzen is a good call for that. When I bought it, Ryzen 5 1600x was cheaper than the Ryzen 5 1600. Of course, silly me didn't realize that I would have to buy a cooler for the 1600x, which the 1600 comes with a nice stock one. But I'm glad with my choice.

CPU COOLER Noctua NH-U12s is an AMAZING cooler for its price. It's dead silent and incredibly efficient.

MOTHERBOARD That one was hard to choose. When you try to look for information regarding Motherboards on the internet, there are many contradictions. Everyone has it's personal favorite. So I just played by the year on this one. I remembered that back in yearly 2000's there was this mantra "Motherboard has to be Asus". So I stick to it. Got that one. Great value. Beautiful board. has all the connectors I could wish for (and a little bit more). Worked greatly right out of the box. No complaints so far. The nice LED thingy is almost completely hidden by my GPU. But I guess this is my fault.

RAM Again, a random choice out of my lack of knowledge. After I bought it I was s*** scared that i wouldn't work at all, since it's not in the VQL of the MOBO and Ryzen is known to be picky regarding the RAM sticks. Well... what would you know? It worked just fine right out of the box. No issues at all.

STORAGE This is a no brainer. One cheap SSD for the OS, one cheap HDD for storage. The SSD is fast and works.

GPU Honestly, I simply looked for the cheapest GTX 1080 at that time. No discrimination. That's what I got. I like it a lot so far. It's pretty, nice white LED, it's doesn't overheat at all, dead silent... a freaking power house. What else could I say?

CASE* Another item very difficult to chose. I didn't want to inflate my budget because of the case. My original plan was to assemble a system on the blue side. Like Blue/Black or Blue/White. But this case here... it got me on the 5 freaking fans included. You can't get better than that for this price range. Fans ran silent as well. Al thought the list says "black", I got the red one, as you can see in the pictures. That's when the idea of "Vader" was born. The case is pretty decent. The cable management a little challenging. I needed to use a little bit of the front compartment for some cables. But it's not that bad. the fans were still not obstructed. I like it. It's pretty, piratical, and piratically a windmill.

POWER SUPPLY Again, I was just looking for the cheapest PSU on the 800W range. I wouldn't be cheap enough to get anything less than that power range. Not worth the risk. I'm glad with what I got. Semi-modular, very piratical, many spare cables. Works like a charm.


OS Well... Windows 10. What else?

WiFi ADAPTER It looks to be working OK. Not great, though.

MONITOR And once again, I was just looking for the cheapest 1440 monitor. No regrets, though. Very nice screen, nice and accessible control buttons. everything works beautifully. The embedded speakers are not so great. They seem to be turned backwards or something. But hey! you don't by a monitor to a system because of the speakers, right?

Part Reviews


Incredible processor. I didn't OC'd it yet because I am a noob. But the day will come. Nonetheless, it's a great processor that has been allowing me to game and makes a good pair with my GPU. I didn't got higher than 58ºC yet, even with all the stress I put to it.

CPU Cooler

Easy to mount. Very efficient. Dead silent. Good thermal compound. Does not take space of the RAM slots. You can't go wrong with this beauty.


Plenty of connectors for all tastes. It offers many features for a very good price range. It's also very beautiful. Easy to set up.


It worked very well with my Asus MOBO and my Ryzen CPU, which some people thought it wouldn't. So, I'm glad.


Small, Light. Fast as f***.


Not much to say. It works as intended. Very good price. Recognized quality.

Video Card

So far, so good. I played Rainbow Six Siege on maximum for hours on a 1440 screen. DPS never dropped lower than 80. Average was beyond 90. temperature never went over 63ºC. It's pretty, it's silent, it's not huge. It's a power house. It's more than I need, that's for sure.


For this price range, you can't get anything better than that. 5 freaking fans. Nice LEDs in the front fans. I'm removing one star because the cable management is not great. It's not horrible, but not great.

Power Supply

Silent. Powerful. Semi-modular. Pretty good.

Optical Drive

Oh well... it's an optical drive. It works. I didn't try burning anything yet.

Wireless Network Adapter

I suspect this is the culprit for my internet fluctuation. Not bad, though. Just... it could be better.


So far, great monitor. I literally looked for the cheapest 1440 monitor for my new rig. This one is great. I love the control buttons, the size and everything. Just buy it.


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Ahh yeah, that random eyesore Noctua fan you got on in there, is what I'm rocking too lol Haven't updated my build on here, but I nabbed a 7700k and seen how it got hotter - so that Noctua really does its justice with replacing any other fan on a CPU cooler!


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lol... I don't know why people find it ugly. I kind of like it :)

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+1 for the build! I'm using a few of the same parts and can second the sloppy cable management as I'm using the same case on my first build haha. I'm gonna open her up and take a few good hours to see what I can do about that (major OCD XD). I'll let you know how it goes!

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How did it go?

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You should get a new case because the cable management seems to be very unorganized and an nzxt or a corsair should help because they have great cable management options.

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Have you tried overclocking your CPU?

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Not yet, sir. I still have much to learn in order to do it safely. However, considering the MOBO specifications and my current temperatures, it seems I have room for that. If you have any hints, links, videos where I could gather more info on how to OC, I would appreciate it.

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Hi mate, the Noctua cpu cooler remain silent also with 95W cpu like yours? Or the fan spin a lot?

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That's true. But please consider that that was my first time ever building a PC. I was basically guided by comments in this portal and Youtube videos. Also, this case is not the best when it comes to cable management. I'm still proud of what I accomplished.